anotherpictureagainthumbIMG_0859thumbIMG_0865thumbIMG_0856thumb1. I love this face (not just literally, which is definitely true) but because he has that “This lady is taking my photo AGAIN, but she is really cute” look about him.
2. Micah helping me at the laundromat and being adorable.
3. Leto helping me fold socks.
4. Me with my new glasses since my eyes have become worse.  Apparently I need to use my reading glasses sometimes for distance (I need bifocals but because my eyes aren’t very bad, my eye dr. suggested this beore I eventually will wear bifocals).

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  1. Awww my boys enjoy helping with laundry too! Maybe it’s a guy thing. And my eyes are getting worse too, every year I need new glasses, I think my body parts are wearing out !

    • Micah hates folding clothes and Leto likes being a helper. Micah will actually whine and scream sometimes if I ask him to do it. . . but he does what I tell him he must do when he is done throwing a hissy fit and has time to dwell on his actions after I let him know how blessed he is to have barely any chores and to not be in slavery like thousands upon thousands of other little boys his age do. . . that makes him realize folding socks is not that bad.

      You have been a glasses wearer for a long time too. No blindness okay!??


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