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Our Family in Weekly Photos (2014) – 47 & 48 of 52

whatintheworldisgoingonthumb puppiesformepleasethumb inthecornerthumb cookingformethumbhangingoutinthecoldtogetherthumbplayinginthesnowtogether2thumb hangingoutinthecoldtogether2thumbplayinginthesnowtogether1thumb1. Micah being silly as ever. He loves to make strange faces throughout each day.
2. At Rob’s job, there was a day where puppies were brought in by a shelter in hopes of finding homes.  We went and I held this puppy.  I love dogs so much and wish we could have a bunch, but unfortunately we can’t where we live due to the landlord’s rules (our 12 year old dog lives with my parents currently).
3. This is “The Corner” where we tell the boys to go when they disobey consistently.
4. Rob cooked me lunch (scrambled eggs on a English corn muffin) and I found him to be so adorable that I had to take this of him.  He’s so good to me.
5. The sun was beginning to set on the lake near where my in-laws live.  The snow was on top of all the trees and glistened so beautifully.  Rob and I took a walk on the lake to see it better.  It was so cold though, but lovely.
6. Leto was having fun in the snow at an event that I had helped out with.  He kept throwing chunks of hard icy snow at more snow and was having a grand time.
7. Rob looking at all the snow on the trees.  He was cold too, but wasn’t as eager to leave as I was.
8. Micah always says, “I look cute right?” or asks, “Did I look cute?” After I take a photo of him.  He was throwing chunks of snow with his brother too.


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