Decemberoutfit3thumbOutfit: All Modcloth (though each piece were bought 2-4 years ago)

The other night my husband heard a loud noise as if something got hit outside of our house.  I had been in the bathroom and did not hear it.  Someone had hit a deer with their car.  The man who hit it pulled over to the side of the road a little ways down across from our house to inspect the damage done to his vehicle.  We were trying to see out of our window to figure out what he had hit (if it were a person or an animal).  In the driveway next to ours, I spotted an adult doe sitting and attempting to get up.  We assume that its feet were hurt or possibly broken because it didn’t seem to have the ability to get up from the front.  So it sat.  While I was watching it, I saw two baby deer jump across the road.  They were her babies.  I know they are just animals, but my heart ached and I was thinking, “These babies are going to die without their mother.”

I started to head down the stairs towards the door.  Our landlord was also about to go outside.  He said he called the cops to “take care of the deer” and to check up on the man who got his car hit.  It did not seem like his car was in too bad of shape, but that there was a dent and he looked mad.  He didn’t even go searching to see what he had hit.  I told my landlord that I didn’t want the cops to shoot the deer, as they had done another time in our own driveway a couple of years ago when the same thing had happened (though that one was in much worse condition).  I went back inside and started to pray for the deer to be able to have her limbs fixed and that she could reunite with her babies so that they could be taken care of.

I know that people would think that praying for animals that normally get hit all the time by cars is not so trivial to them, but we are told to care for the animals and God’s earth that He made for our enjoyment.  I went to bed a bit sad and the deer and her babies were the last thing I prayed for as I fell into my slumber.

The following afternoon my phone rang.  It is not often my landlord calls me, so I answered it.
He said, “I thought you’d like to know that last night before the cops were about to check up on the deer (the policeman was checking on the man’s car first), she got up and ran into our backyard.  I put on our lights and saw her two babies were waiting for her.  They then all jumped down into the yard behind ours.”  I told him, “How wonderful! I had prayed for such a thing to happen!”

If God answers prayers about animals, I wonder how many of the prayers I pray for the persecuted church, the oppressed, the hungry, the orphans, the widows, and the slaves do get answered positively.  It was a nice reassurance that God does really care.Decemberoutfit2thumb Decemberoutfit1thumbDecemberoutfit5thumb

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  1. Beautiful outfit, Victoria! I am a HUGE lover of animals. I would have been distraught too if I had witnessed what you did. I din’t think that praying for animals is silly, my mom used to pray to a saint for animals whenever something happened to one of our pets. I love animals most than I love most people. My pets love me unconditionally, and they are my furry children. Same goes for wild ones, they might not me “mine”, but they are innocent.

  2. Os animais são criação de Deus e ele sempre ouve nossas orações!!!
    Você esta muito linda nesse look.
    Casa Cherry


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