700,000 people live in Kathmandu, Nepal. Shiuli is one of those people. At the age of 21 she became a widow and was left to care for her three children all alone. She had been married at 14. Her husband moved the two of them out of the mountains and into the capital city in Nepal. They became carpet makers and had their 3 daughters during that time. Her husband Turan became weak and sick. They had only been married for seven years when he died.

It became very difficult for Shiuli to make enough money to support her daughters. Eventually her youngest daughter died of malnutrition. Shiuli was desperate to find help, so she sought out all religions she knew about hoping that would work. She gave sacrifices and received little help from anyone or anything. She had no peace and was worried her daughters would be abused and that they would all die.Napalese woman

While working one day, Shiuli received visitors (women missionaries) who told her that they followed Jesus. She did not know who this Jesus was and listened as the visitors told her about the sacrifice that Jesus made for others. She listened and explained her own story to them.  She was told that there was a way to free her burdens as they let her know about God’s love for her. She felt a great peace and decided to depend on this Jesus she heard about. They led her to a church through Gospel for Asia and the pastor and people there reached out to her and have helped her.

In response Shiuli says, “The Lord has blessed me in such a wonderful way that He has provided shelter, food, special care and attention through His people,  The most important thing is I am receiving fellowship,”

There is hope for the millions of people who have never heard about God or Jesus. I offer you three ways that you can help other women like Shiuli out. Help build a church through my son Leto’s “Cookie Church” fundraiser. He has so far raised $1460 to build a church in Asia.  helpingwomenwhomakerugs

Sponsor a woman missionary (you’ll see I have a link on the right side of my blog for this as well). If it were not for the training and love flowing out of these women missionaries, people like Shiuli would feel hopeless and a lack of peace, but through God working through these women missionaries, hope was offered and peace was received.

The most important thing you can do is pray for the people who are like Shiuli an pray for the missionaries who are reaching out to others.  Prayer is extremely powerful. God hears us and sees our longing for the gospel to be brought out across the world and He does answer our prayers.

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  1. Bonita iniciativa, falar da palavra de Deus para todos é muito importante, amei o post.
    Beijos boa semana
    Casa Cherry


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