I have had this in draft mode for months (maybe 9 months) and forgot about it.  This is a very dated post, but hey, it is still fun!! I added a few at the end for something more recent. Sorry for abandoning these posts for a while.

1. What an extremely talented 14 year old, who takes photos of nature and objects and himself, manipulates them so that he shows up in his own photos, but in a surreal and beautiful way! Here are some of his works, and he actually explains a bit of how he does it on his blog.

2. Hobbit-Like home?hobbitlookinghouse

3, Aldrich and James are very talented. I really enjoyed listening to this song they performed (I admit I never heard the original though).

4. I barely had much of a walk to my school bus stop before getting picked up by bus let alone having to worry like these kids around the world who have to take dangerous routes to gain their education daily.commutetoschool5. A man who has night terrors and sleep paralysis that he recreates into photography.  It is really a unique take! (Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for this)
6. I love  this story about a man who died from wearing himself out while on a mission to save another child from trafficking in China! He was so inspiring. He saved loads and loads of children.
7. Snail photography that is so dreamy!!!
8. This crip walking to irish jig music is hilarious. I laughed.
9. My husband came across this brother-sister team singing together. They covered a song together and it sounds beautiful. I am such a sucker for good harmonies.
10. We’ve been on a tiny houses kick lately. I have always mentioned to my lovely husband how I’d love to live in an RV or something. These houses are incredible! Here’s some photos of a few of my favorites!
Tiny house #1 outside and inside shotstinyhouse1outsidetinyhouse1
Tiny house #2 outside and inside shottinyhouse2outsidetinyhouse2
tiny house #3tinyhouse3outsideStitched Panorama

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  1. Rob and I saw your husband’s Tiny House post on Facebook and replied to it… We’ve been on a Tiny House kick for a year! Haha. For his birthday, I tried to find resorts or hotels that had tiny houses. There are a few of them out there! The prices aren’t so bad either… they’re just like staying at a lower priced hotel, believe it or not! Sadly though, I didn’t book the place because I figured if we were going to travel far, it’d be better in the summer. Secondly, we’ve been avoiding wifi, and the place where you could rent had a centralized wifi that covered all the tiny houses in the area. We just want a place to rent that DOESN’T get covered by wifi. Impossible nowadays…

    Also, did you know that there is a community of tiny houses in DC? I was going to take Rob there too, but decided against it because I changed his birthday plans. He was sad about that!! There are about like 4-5 tiny houses clustered together. No big deal, but it’s kinda cool. I want to see that community expand!


    • Aw. Yey. I don’t really know what he posts on facebook since I don’t have it and never go on his account. It doesn’t surprise me he posted it. I have loved tiny houses for a few years but we have been looking at them A LOT lately. hehe. Rob just started getting into it though. I wouldn’t want to stay in one as a vacation though. I’d want to live in one permanently. I prefer small houses over huge ones very much. I used to want to be a gypsy very badly (the caravan wagon led by a horse or a few horses type of thing, not exactly the way they live or make a living). I used to drive my mom crazy and so my dad built me a little shed house when I was 9 because I wanted a small house so badly. . .I said I wanted to live in it which is in their backyard, but the problem is my dad is a very lazy person and didn’t finish it and didn’t build it for me like he said. . .he built it for a replacement shed because his was not good enough or something. I was pretty hurt and upset. I had plans made for it and everything based off of a little bunker at Jockey Hollow in NJ near Washington’s Headquarters. When I used to play that MASH game as a kid and people would put options of living in a mansion, house, or shack or something, I always wanted the shack. I am weird. That and I always wanted to live on a boat or in a boathouse too.
      You guys and your wi-fi issues, though I completely understand it (the way my husband is about computers and everything, I hear his rants on such things often and get it)!!!
      That is so neat about the tiny houses in DC by the way. Are you hoping to look into that?

      • We want to live in one, too. I was just looking for a place to rent for his past birthday (January) before we actually buy one… if ever *crosses fingers*. The Hobbit Hole house was actually very attractive when I first saw photos of it but quickly became unattractive when I saw the price tag!

        We are still living with Rob’s parents :-/ I am feeling very comfortable here and might not start to seriously look for a place yet because of this!


      • Yes, I am aware when your Rob’s birthday is because I believe it is the day after my Rob’s birthday (24th is his). hehe.
        What is the price on the hobbit hole??? I didn’t see that.

        I am glad you feel comfortable living with your in-laws. We were just talking the other day how we lived in my parents’ basement for the first year and a half of our marriage and how we were okay with having two very small rooms only and such. However, I would NOT be able to live with my parents or Rob’s parents since having our own place to live for the past 9 years. It would drive me nutty now that we have kids too. I could deal with my mom only but that is it and only if she is widowed (which I don’t want to have my dad die at all, mind you…I promised my mom when I was 6 that I would take care of her when she was old. . .which 65 is not old yet).

        This week we have spent a lot of time (as a family) just in our bedroom alone hanging out reading and listening to music together. We totally would love it if we were allowed to build a platform to put our bed up high in our bedroom and have a small couch underneath it. I like our small home but our living room is really cold with all the windows in there and our bedroom is the warmest in the house so that is why we’ve all been in there. Of course in the summer we don’t use air conditioning to save money and energy and so we are all in the living room during that time!

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