February 18, 2015

My Sons

I teach the boys in the mornings as usual until noon (starting at 7 or 7:30 depending). Leto is now 8 and Micah is 6. They are starting to really enjoy their lessons. Leto had been easily distracted for a long time but has been more dedicated. He has beautiful script/cursive handwriting. Micah used to cause loads of frustrations by fighting me on wanting to learn and read and write. He finally loves to read quite a bit, he is starting to write better, and he does his work diligently. He’s learning so much. These boys are so smart. Leto’s problem is that he sometimes thinks he knows what he is supposed to do with an assignment that he skips over the directions and misses an important point so I have to make sure to point out the directions and let him know to pay close attention to the assignment at hand.  Micah rushes and gets sloppy at times. They’ll learn.

Leto does not stop reading. He also loves video games and music very much. He is getting better and better at the piano.  He has a habit of picking his nose an putting the boogers everywhere (thankfully he is starting to use tissues more and more). He also tends to talk a lot, that when he meets new people, he tends to forget to ask them questions and he has a hard time making friends, though he is very friendly and sociable. Micah smiles so much and likes to be silly and is the funny one but he is also shy. He loves to build with LEGOs and draws really beautifully. Everyone seems drawn to him and he has an easy time making friends. Micah still sucks his thumb but he has not pulled out his hair in a few months which was a big long hard battle we’ve had to deal with for nearly all his life.

Both of the boys dance beautifully. I love watching them learn ballet. Leto has taken to it so very seriously lately and he concentrates and gets a little upset with himself when he messes up but he works to correct himself and he has so much fun in class. He seems very dedicated. Micah loves to be around a couple of the girls that he has befriended in class and one in particular he holds hands with for one of the dances and he smiles and enjoys it and does a great job. He is definitely flexible and he is a little nervous about his class getting harder next year because he is afraid he won’t do as well (he’ll be fine). I am glad that they decided they wanted to dance ballet at 6 and 4 years of age and that they continue to love it.  I see a lot of kids leave after a few months and a lot of the kids will cry about going into class while my boys are always thrilled to go in. They’ll be dancing for two years come June!  I have them go all year around too while most have their kids go Sept-May.

Their favorite thing is to spend time with their papa. Rob is so wonderful with them. I love seeing them light up whenever they are with him. He has been teaching them so many things about computers and having them help him with tasks. They want to spend every second with him (so do I).

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  1. Seus filhos estão lindos e grandes, parabéns.
    Beijos, boa semana
    Casa Cherry


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