This started over at The Goodness Revolt, I was tagged to do this #profoundlyloved post by Kalin. I don’t tend to do things that I am tagged in at all, but I loved the message behind the post and figured I should pass it on. The idea behind it is to know that God truly loves you and wants you to understand how precious and wonderful you are. So many times people look down on themselves and love is often pushed aside or overlooked even though we all search and need love. We need to speak truth to ourselves and know that we are made for giving glory to God.  profoundlylovedblogpartyThose who are tagged in this post just need to answer the questions then tag more people.

1. Tell me about someone you love, and why.
– I am insanely in love with my husband. I truly believe God put him into my life at the right moment and knew how great of a team we were going to make. I love him because he cares so much for me (I like the attention he gives me, it is true).  He is always so gentle and spoils me in so many ways. He talks to me a lot and I don’t think a lot of husbands really do that with their wives and tend to do it more with their buddies. I love that he has had a really long journey and has come so far because he realized God has always loved him. Although he has had loads of struggles in his life, he has come out rejoicing in the Lord, and that is what I adore. He loves to learn about God and longs to see His Will put out.  He inspires me so much. He’s been the most loyal friend in my life and never had given up on me. I know I could write a book simply about why I love him, so I’ll stop here.2. What is one thing you do that makes you feel all like “man, I could do this forever” when you do it?
This is hard to think about. I think waking up and cuddling with Rob would be one. I know that is pretty generic and part of why I love him too, but I really love that I don’t sleep alone and that he is there next to me in the mornings. There is actually a lot of reasoning as to why this is a huge blessing to me, and I think that is why I could do it forever. That or reading beside him or being “bored” together.

3. What do you love about yourself?
-I love that I am my own person through God’s working in my life. I have never given in to wanting to be like others or tried to work hard for the approval of man. Sure I love the idea of making friends, but for them to like me for who I am. I like that I don’t ever change myself to get people to like me. I am glad that in doing so it kept me out of a lot of trouble in my younger years and I think honestly it still does.4. What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t believe she/he is beautiful?
-Many times I have heard people speak ill about themselves and think themselves to be ugly or unimportant.  I tend to tell them each the same thing. First off: Stop caring so much about what people think about your beauty. Everyone grows old.  What beauty will you leave behind with your heart? Second off: You are more gorgeous than you even realize. So many times people don’t see their own beauty because they are comparing themselves with everyone else.  I have seen some of the most gorgeous girls think they are not beautiful and I want to shake them and say, “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?? You are amazingly gorgeous!” It drives me nutty actually when I hear them talk so lowly about themselves when I see so much beauty in their appearance and in their hearts and how they act.

5. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten about confidence?
-I have not really ever been told any advice on it because a lot of times people have told me I have a lot of confidence, so instead I offer you advice. Confidence is the most attractive part of a person. It helps you get jobs and keep them, it helps you work hard, it helps you in relationships, and it helps you excel in many ways. Most people are drawn to confidence. If your confidence is in Christ above all, you will soar far, for the mentality you have towards him will cause you to care less on earthly situations and more on doing His Will.

6. If you were your own daughter, what advice would you give yourself?
-I try to think of what God would tell me since I am His daughter, though He tells me much through His word as it is. I think many times he would tell me to not worry and to continue to trust in Him with my life. I often get anxious about things and want to do much more than I can at this point when my body is too weak to keep up with it all. I think He’d tell me to be at peace and to do what I am doing.

7. a verse, poem, sonnet, ancient-old proverb that inspires you to love yourself and others?
-I know this one may not make sense to many people, but the fact that Jesus said this makes it understandable that ALL people are loved by God and that if we are to have His love within us, we need to love those who try to harm us and that hope that their hearts will be changed. I often think about “enemies” and what this means. My enemies are hurting people too. There is a reason why they say or act as they do. They need to know that there is someone who loves them. If I show them love even when they put me down or try to kill me, I will be in obedience of Him and will also be doing well to the hurting one with pain in their heart. So this verse DOES inspire me a lot to love myself and others. . .for how can I love anyone if I don’t even know how to show love to myself? Obviously my enemy must not love themselves that they can hurt others.

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  1. Wonderful answers! It was nice to read this about you, but I feel like I’ve known you enough through your blog and the two times in real life to expect such wonderful responses.

    I especially like this “If your confidence is in Christ above all, you will soar far, for the mentality you have towards him will cause you to care less on earthly situations and more on doing His Will.”

    I don’t think I’ve been ever more confident and satisfied in my life as now, just actually realizing the truth in this. They were merely words when others used to say that to me or when I hear or read about that kind of advice. I was still very much immersed in the world while being Christian and just going to church, so those words didn’t really help me until the past few months.

    It’s really hard to read fashion blogs nowadays because of it. I never actually did. I just looked at photos, because the words of many beauty and fashion bloggers were so empty. I can understand you better now when you said the same thing. Right now, I’m spending a lot of time reading the Word and other books that reflect God’s revealed nature to his people.

    Thanks for tagging me, by the way! I kind of would like to post this on my spiritual blog which I just started (haven’t really advertised it, because its’ got so little in it right now). My answers to these questions I am realizing are so different now than what they would’ve been if you had asked me these things just a year ago. I am thankful to God for that, because I’ve never been so obsessed with God!!! Well, it’s the same as when I first accepted Christ as a teen. I was such a weirdo for God then, and kids my age were bullying me for it. I find myself in that situation again BUT this time, nobody seems to be making fun of me…. maybe not yet?

    So glad to see how much you love your husband!!! I believe that openness and truthfulness and of course, focus on God and doing good to the world makes love between spouses strong. I was just talking to this security guard at the place I teach BodyFlow, and he said that both he and his wife (newlyweds) don’t say much about each other’s past at all. Somehow they don’t want to know and don’t care to confess. I just find that odd. I know that God has the ability to forget our sins (because He wills to), but to actively hide things from your spouse, especially as human beings, seems so fake to me and can’t imagine the marriage to be solid . Maybe when both are in agreement to keep things from the past silent, then that’s okay. Somehow they always creep back up in your life though, either the memory or the person you were involved with before your spouse. I personally like the transparency in marriage, which you and your husband have and me and my husband have. Though conversations about the past hurt, it creates a safer space and and a better understanding between both people.

    Anyway, hope you are doing well! Your letter will soon be replied to 🙂 I just have a huge research paper I have to really try to get done before a few weeks end. It is for my hatha (exercise) yoga cert.


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