Letohasaquilt3thumbWhile getting impatient about finishing up the first quilt I was working on with my quilting teacher from church, and because many times I was far too ahead of her because I got too much done in time or she couldn’t make it to a session, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start a second quilt on my own that I started in late October.

I went searching on Craftsy for free easy quilt patterns to make and came across Phoenix Fire and Ash. The original idea for the quilt was to make it two sided of the same design but with a hot side and a cold side of colors. Leto said he wanted me to make him a quilt and he liked this one (I had him choose from a bunch of patterns), but said he wanted different colors than the pattern suggested. I took the boys to the fabric shop where Leto chose his own colors and fabrics.

I spent an hour or more cutting through fabric while watching a movie. I then had to sew 4 pieces together at a time, cut the top and bottom of those, sewed things back together and cut once again and then sew once again before I had my completed blocks. I pieced the rows together (pictured right after this paragraph), put the two borders on, and then was trying to decide what to do about the back of the quilt. Leto said he wanted it to be orange and red, so I went out to get more fabric from his favorite red and favorite orange fabric he had previously chosen. I put the two colors together simply and started on the sandwiching.Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetI could not wait to finish this quilt, but I didn’t have a quilting machine. I had the quilt top done within maybe two weeks’ time (completed in November) and it sat waiting and waiting. The quilt could have taken me 3 weeks but as stated in my last quilt’s post, it took me a few months before I had a proper quilting machine to use to finish them up.

Letohasaquilt5thumb Letohasaquilt6thumbI decided to put stars all over it which Leto seemed to really like. The orange thread was pricey where I got it though, and I went through so many spools and had to keep going back to the store to get it. Halfway through I decided to go with cheaper matching orange thread (from cotton to polyester). It worked well but definitely made a mess in my machine (which was cleaned out). Now I know why people prefer cotton thread!

Letohasaquilt7thumb Letohasaquilt8thumb Letohasaquilt9thumbI am glad to be done with the quilt and Leto loves it. He couldn’t wait to have it on his bed. He said it was so cozy. Success! I’d say that compared to my first quilt, this one was much easier, but I did have fun and I am glad that Leto likes it. It is probably my least favorite of the three I’ve completed thus far (third one coming soon on here), but I did have fun doing the stars!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Letohasaquilt1thumb Letohasaquilt2thumb Letohasaquilt4thumb


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  1. That’s awesome! I think I saw this on your Instagram, because I remember the star pattern. This looks HUGE!


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