1. I own 4 Garlands of Grace head coverings though I don’t wear head coverings as often or daily as I once did for various reasons, I definitely wore them daily for three years of my life and find them to be beautiful. I was thrilled to have my photos posted on the blog for the site. 🙂 They also make pretty leg warmers there.

2. I came across this nearly year-old article on the Hutterites (who wear head coverings). These photographs are GORGEOUS and were taken by a now 22 year old man who grew up as a Hutterite in Canada and was kicked out because of the photography he indulged in so often (they were against people being photographed in that colony). The images are amazing. I would love to be a Hutterite myself (they do use modern technology and are Anabaptists like me) but alas, I also photograph people (though hey, if I find a colony that allows it, no worries).Hutterites

3. Easter is coming up (chocolate lovers be prepared as you read this), though I celebrate Passover tied into Jesus’ last supper and his death and resurrection instead – I still eat chocolate (slave-free). I wrote an article for Justice Network (which I am a part of as the current events adviser) about chocolate back in February to prepare for Valentine’s Day, but now I share it with you as Holy Week and Easter approaches. Find out the links between slavery and chocolate that you might be eating.

4. Record Store Day is coming!! I’ve been collecting and listening to records since I was 7, starting with the 45 of The Doors’ “Riders on the Storm” and The Beatles’ “Please Please Me” and Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” which were my top played 45s I played on repeat which probably bothered my family so much. I always prefered the sound quality of records and enjoyed collecting them over CDs and cassettes and over MP3s too. I expanded my collection a lot when I was a teenager and then I stopped for about a decade other than some here and there (very seldom). I’ve been getting more lately now that we have better storage for our records and some extra income (we had them tightly kept in cardboard boxes for ages which were hard to get out and put back in). It doesn’t help that I live 2 minutes from a store that sells records. I am looking forward to Record Store Day and will definitely get one or two records. If you follow my instagram you have probably seen my “Turntable Tuesday” and “Saturday Serenade” record features.

5. It is no secret that I am fond of Robert Downey Jr’s films. He has created with his personal production company with his wife 9 short films for commercials for a phone. I enjoyed watching all 9 of these shorts here.

6. I used to create my own necklaces from things around my home as a teen and such, but to make them out of nature is so adorable. I came across this DIY acorn necklace tutorial and it made me smile. I can’t do it though because my 8 year old got poison oak from simply touching acorns once. >.<happyacornnecklaces7. I really enjoy Steve McCurry’s photography as he just photographs people around the world everywhere just living. He has even photographed slavery which of course is something that needs to be seen so it can be stopped (there was a photograph I saw of a woman with crazy scars all over her back from being beaten). Some of his photography does include tribal nudity so I won’t be posting a link, but I love how each photograph really captures life and how people live. Here are a few of my favorites. Photographs from Vietnam, Philippines, Uganda, India, and US (in that order).VietnamSteveMcCurry PhilippinesSteveMcCurry UgandaSteveMcCurryIndiastevemccurryUSSteveMcCurry8. This blue flycatcher feeding its baby! So pretty! So sweet1
blueflycatcher9. I’ve been wanting to do a Youtube channel or a podcast or something where I answer questions about life, the Bible or my views on things or answer questions about my own life or try to help those who have questions too. If I did this, would you subscribe or ask me some questions here or by clicking my email link on the right top side of my blog to let me know something that you are interested in knowing more about or need some advice for something you are going through? Thanks.

10. I started to watch this Teen Vogue’s Strictly Ballet short show on YouTube to prepare myself for if my sons stick with ballet as they get older. They’ve been doing it for nearly two years now and seem really dedicated and interested and I want to see what hard work may be ahead of them as a mom of ballet boys.

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  1. The head wraps and leg warmers are right up my alley! I should check them out. I always want something cute for my dreads and I always have my legs covered because I am always cold. Record Store Day is crazy in Chicago! Waiting in line while friends have coffee and doughnuts haha We sometimes meet up with friends from this message board called Vinyl Collective.

  2. I was pretty sure that photograph was of a Filipino child, and I was right 🙂 I think the Youtube idea is great! I wanted to start one too, but I haven’t had much motivation for it. I think you should do it though… nevermind if only a handful subscribe. I get stopped by that fear of not having any following, but if we all feared that, no one would do anything 🙂


  3. Just FYI, I don’t believe that the poison oak shrub/vine bears acorns, just berry-like fruit…so perhaps your son is allergic to acorns? Or maybe touched actual poison oak unknowingly?


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