The third quilt I decided to work on was for Micah. I used Moda Flats Charm Pack fabric for the entire top of the quilt (minus the border). I wasn’t sure how many I’d need, so I took longer in making this quilt than I desired, simply because I ran out of packs of fabric a few times. Micah picked out the fabric after I showed him several ideas for colors he said he had wanted. He wanted a lot of colors, so it wasn’t that easy to configure.Micahcutequilt1thumb

Next I looked through Craftsy once again as I had done for Leto’s quilt to see about a free pattern Micah might like. He really liked the design for the Susanna pattern. Only problem here is that the pattern stated to make only 16 of these blocks. I didn’t understand why until I went to the actual blog to see they were corner pieces of a border using these blocks, 8 on one side and 8 on the other. I wasn’t too fond of the overall pattern they had for the Susanna quilt though. Therefore I decided to make a load of them and a load of simple diamond blocks to put as alternating blocks to make Micah’s quilt. He liked what I was doing as I would show him blocks.

The result is as shown! This is my favorite quilt so far, simply because I didn’t really follow a specific pattern and could let my semi-creative juices flow. I went with a simple loopy quilting pattern on top of the entire thing. For the backing I pieced together the pieces from the charm packs that I had left across red fabric that matched the border I put on. I honestly stare at this quilt while it sits on Micah’s bed because I think it is so pretty. He loves it!IMG_1092Micahcutequilt8thumbMicahcutequilt9thumbMicahcutequilt10Micahcutequilt11Micahcutequilt3thumbMicahcutequilt2thumbMicahcutequilt4thumbMicahcutequilt5thumbProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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  1. Hey lady! I have enjoyed watching your progress with your adventures in quilting on the instagram. The boys look so cozy and cute here! You are doing a wonderful job!


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