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The Springer Thing

Stitch Fix sent me a dress in February that I was saving for when the weather got warmer. Here it is. Sorry the quality of these photos are not good, but you get to see the dress at least. Outfit posts are rare for me these days since I have all my clothes in a single drawer!Inmydressydress5thumbI hope everyone had a grand Resurrection Sunday. Our family celebrates Passover tied in with Yeshua/Jesus being the sacrificial lamb to atone for our sin so that death passes over us and cleanses us from our sin. We really love how God put it together like that with how Yeshua had the last supper (Seder meal) with his disciples, was arrested, killed, and resurrected all in the week of Passover. Pretty neat, in my opinion. We spend our week eating a lot of matzoh (no leavened bread at all for us and I love bread).  I already made matzoh ball soup (so good), matzoh covered chicken, latkes (potato pancakes), and the amazing matzoh chocolate caramel crunch. This is easily our favorite holiday. It isn’t easy, but it is worth it to remember the fact that God freed us from slavery of sin by sending His son to save us.inmydressydressthumber Inmydressydress4thumb


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