Every day I am reading or writing down something.  I read a book and a half per week or so. I write or type daily.  Can you believe that more than one of every four people in India can’t even read? Rates are higher among women. Over 250 million women in Asia are illiterate. When a person is able to read or write, the opportunities for their life expand.  They can develop and learn so many things simply by having such a privilege!

Gospel For Asia will take $1 and be able to teach a woman how to read!
These women they interact with face many difficulties, such as failing to keep their children safe because they can’t read warning labels, debt piling up because they can’t understand the bad contracts they sign and being cheated in the market place because they can’t do basic math. While I have the ability to read the Bible, there is no way they can read even simple words of love. gfailliteracy

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  1. I’m in a literacy class this semester and there are SO many people who can’t read, or who can only read enough to get by – or who can “read” only by knowing a stop sign is a red octagon. It’s really opened my eyes about how to talk to people and explain things, and even how to go about teaching them to read in a library setting.

    • Yeah, I met a teenage girl who couldn’t spell the name of her own street and I was in shock because she couldn’t read or write things for me last summer for something I helped out with. It is really sad how many people do have a very hard time reading.


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