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“You Should Have Been Born A Boy”

RuthGFAIn many parts of the world, girls are unwanted and unloved.  Boys are the favored ones that father’s long to have. Being a girl is sometimes considered a curse.

Ruth’s father treated her very poorly. She had no idea why he would treat her the way he did when she did everything she could to make him proud.  After so long of being treated in such a way, she finally asked him why he hated her so. His response was, “You should have been a boy!” Afterward, he stopped speaking to her altogether. When I first watched this video about Ruth (which is in the intro before the GFA: Veil of Tears movie) I cried a lot.  It really was a touching and incredible story.  Ruth had found love through the Father when women missionaries reached out to her. God eventually brought restoration in her relationship with her father! Ruth now shares the hope she found in Jesus with other women, just like a GFA women missionary team first reached out to her.

I want to encourage you to sponsor a woman missionary today who will be able to connect with other women who feel pain and torment from their families or who may have been abandoned. These missionaries have restored much hope to many women by showing love to them they may have never received; love that comes from God.


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