JonCarmenwed1thumb                                                                            –           Dragonfly Dress from Unique Vintage            –

We were able to go to the wedding of my God-brother Jonathan and his wife Carmen (pictured).  JonCarmenwed5thumb

I was excited about the wedding, but the truth is – even though I spent most of my childhood around him, once we became teenagers we started to drift and do our own things.  Since I was about 16, I just wasn’t around him much anymore, so in a way it was almost as if I was watching a stranger get married because I missed out on half of his life.  He is a year and a half younger than me and his sister is six years younger than me, though at least with her I have some memories that are more recent (like when I put dreadlocks in her hair a few years ago which she cut out last year after keeping them for a good three to four years) and we have e-mailed one another on occasion.

Jonathan and I when we were very little in the 1980's (we seriously were like siblings).

Jonathan and I when we were very little in the 1980’s (we seriously were like siblings).

Me and my God-siblings in the mid 90s.

Me and my God-siblings in the mid 90s. I was 11 here.


My God-father dancing and singing with his daughter (so cute) and the Bride & Groom cut their cake.

I do spend time here and there with my God-father though, who has been a widower for four years after my God-mother died to ovarian cancer.  She was my mom’s best friend. They seriously were/are the best God-parents ever and I never felt unloved or left out of their lives. They were always a huge part of everything I did. I got to spend time with my God-father the day before the wedding and he read a diary entry that my God-mother wrote in the late 1980s explaining how I was a good example and influence on her son’s life. I was little when she wrote this.  I was so touched that he knew where the entry was and shared it with me before giving the diary to his son for his 30th birthday (which was the day after his wedding).  Apparently it was a diary she wrote specifically to Jonathan.JonCarmenwed2thumbJonCarmenwedthumbagain1JonCarmenwed7thumbJonCarmenwed8thumbThis wedding was a little tough to watch (mainly lacking the presence of my God-mother) and sadly, we didn’t have that great of a time, though at least I got Rob to do a slow dance with me to “What a Wonderful World” (he only likes to dance with me at home – he’s shy).  I feel a little badly (though I shouldn’t, I know) that my own God-mother was very involved in my own wedding but she couldn’t and won’t be a part of her own children’s weddings. My own husband got to spend some years around her and we even had a pre-marriage dinner that they gave to us, while her children’s spouses only get/will get stories but don’t get to hear her great laugh or hear her advice.

My God-family with us on our wedding in June, 2004.

My God-family with us on our wedding in June, 2004, nearly 11 years ago!

As for the dress. . .I bought it because I had no fancy dresses since I got rid of most of what I owned.  Rob always is reminded of me when he sees dragonflies because they were always everywhere at the home I grew up at and I have a way of being able to hold them or touch them without them flying away from me.  I thought he’d like it and he does! JonCarmenwed14thumb

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  1. Love your dress you looked gorgeous!!!

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  4. That dress is so pretty (and I usually dislike anything with any sort of insect/bug!). The colour looks great on you and THOSE SHOES are amazing!


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