Children are hard work. It is always strange to me when women tell me how they “couldn’t” handle being at home with their kids all day like I do and that they are glad their kids are in school away from them during the week.  I don’t understand that mentality, but I hear it often.  I have a hard time some days and other days it is very easy.  I told my sons the other day that I sacrificed having a job that paid me and that I was a good worker and such because I was upset at how they were acting towards their school work and I was just angry that they couldn’t understand what I do for them.  My husband lovingly reminded me that I sacrificed nothing because it was always my plan to be a stay-at-home mom and that this is what I wanted to do before I even met him. He is right.  I need to be a harder worker for them so that I can see them become the godly men we pray and hope they’ll be.  It is not easy.  Being a mom is rough sometimes but very much worth it.  They each have such differing personalities and mentalities but it has been great loving them, guiding them, teaching them, and watching them grow.Schoolinittogether5thumb Schoolinittogether6thumbLeto is the serious one, though he is so happy that he laughs at everything.  He is sensitive and very caring towards others though often doesn’t think before he acts and is easily distracted. He loves reading books, dancing ballet, drawing, playing piano, listening to music and singing all day long, playing video games (he gets mad when we tell him to stop), and has a hard time just staying still. He is our social butterfly who wants to talk with everyone.
Schoolinittogether4thumb Schoolinittogether2_2 Tigheturned3_10thumbMicah is our silly shy boy who is adventurous and loves being outside.  He likes to be with us as much as possible.  He has a stubborn streak.  He loves to build LEGOs, dancing in ballet, playing Minecraft, wants to eat all the time, reads books, listens intently to others (an observer), draws, and usually wants us to treat him like a baby still. Tigheturned3_3thumbTigheturned3_6thumb Tigheturned3_thumb

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  1. They are both beautiful and turning out to be such great humans because of you! I am glad that Rob reminded you to give yourself some credit, you are doing a wonderful job!

  2. Thanks for stopping by over at Lilypadquilting. I’m a retired homeschooling mom (three kids, all the way through high school) so I am happy to know you are guiding your sons. Keep on keeping on….my kids went through stages where they were glad they were homeschooled, then sad, then glad again. You know, foolishness in the heart. LOL Blessings as you complete the task God has honored you with.

  3. Mothering boys is HARD!!! Whether it’s one , or a dozen haha haha I agree!


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