I know I haven’t posted my 4th and 5th quilts yet (though they are done – I won’t post them until after the people I made them for receive them).

Right when I finished my 5th quilt I saw this Tulip scrappy table runner tutorial on Southern Fabric.  My only issue was they didn’t explain the border too well, granted I ran out of fabric for my border and used another scrappy one that looked similar enough and I added a few more squares to fill in the spaces of my issues. . .the top doesn’t line up right because of it but it still works out and looks great.  I am glad to put use to some of the scraps I had.
tulipquilt1tumb tulipquilt2thumb
My table has compartment areas under it and it is glass, so if it is cluttery looking it is simply because I keep books for schooling the boys under there and any magazines or newsletters I get in he mail that I haven’t read yet. haha.

My favorite part of this was doing the free-motion quilting designs. I was trying to figure out what to do for each piece and I loved doing it. So yey for my sixth quilt (even if it is a small quilt).tulipquilt3thumb tulipquilt4thumb tulipquilt5thumbAnd the back of the quilt shows a neat pattern from the free-motion quilting too.tulipquilt6thumb

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  1. […] decided to make more tulips like I had for my table runner and asked if that was okay with her and she loved the idea because she said her mom loved flowers. […]

  2. Hi! I tried making their table runner and found the pieces didn’t fit right, specifically the white squares. Did you change any of the given dimensions? I’ve got all the fabric cut out and would like to make it work if possible. Thanks for any tips! Yours looks great!!


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