Schoolinittogether7thumbSchoolinittogether8thumb Schoolinittogether9thumbSchoolinittogether3thumbI had the great opportunity to attend The Justice Conference simulcast here in NJ.  Although most of Justice Network (which I am a part of) were at the event, I had a table set up for Gospel for Asia.  I wasn’t there the entire time, because the boys had a ballet rehearsal, but while I was there I loved listening to speakers Eugene Cho, Louis Dooley, and Bob Goff. I also heard most of Lynne Hybels‘ powerful reconciliation speech.

A lot of people might or might not care for the anti-human trafficking passion that I have, and some probably got sick of hearing me always try to tell them about slavery still existing in the world over the near eight years of my understanding of it.  When you meet and talk to someone who survived sexual slavery, it grips you even more.  At our simulcast, we took some time to have an actual speaker (not on the screen) come to talk named Danielle Douglas.  Before she gave her testimony, I had the chance to talk to her and ask her for advice for a girl I know who is being trafficked currently.  She was very sweet and insightful and the whole time she talked to me I wanted to honestly just cry in her arms for her plight, as weird as that sounds.  I am grateful to see someone who has come through and acknowledge that Christ has healed them.
Danielle then went up to speak and explained how she first became trafficked.  It is one thing to sort of know her story from seeing her in documentaries or read about her, but when she spoke in front of me, I held back tears a few times because I would have just sobbed right there.  That could have been me. She is only a year older (she’s an ’82 baby. I’m an ’83 baby) and was trafficked when I had wanted to become a model but something stopped me and protected me when a few lone photographers wanted to photograph me in lingerie and were angry when I refused to meet them: God.  I am glad I didn’t go through with it. Danielle didn’t even seek out that sort of attention or vanity as I once had and was thrown into prostitution against her will. God saved her and she acknowledges Him for doing so and has only been a Christian for two years now and announced that she was going to be baptized the following day (which was yesterday).  What a blessing she is!  Her children played with my children and her church is in the town where my husband works. It truly opens your eyes to who and what is around you and how we are all once lost and that God is always finding us even when we hide from Him. It made me feel so grateful.

When we fall we can always stand up tall and hope to continue on without falling ever again! True justice comes from God’s healing through acknowledging His son’s sacrifice for us.Schoolinittogether12_thumb Schoolinittogether10_thumbOutfit from Modcloth, bought a couple years ago, so I am unsure if they sell these anymore.

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  1. Human trafficking is such a horrible, sickening thing to still exists in a world that claims we’ve “ended slavery.”
    I’m constantly in awe of how awesome our God is, His protection sometimes isn’t evident till after the fact. Thank goodness we’re not in charge of the world, amiright? 🙂
    A modest fashion blog:

  2. Your inner beauty is matching your outward display of beauty. That outfit is lovely and bright.!

    I don’t think I knew about your experience with sketchy modelling. That’s expected though in the modelling world. Rob doesn’t want me to even model for modest fashion stores if it involves a catwalk. I don’t understand why, but I guess he sees it all as “for show.” Somehow, he is okay with the blog. Oh well 🙂

    It’s nice to get to meet someone who has a story to share that just wakes you up. I once defended this Vietnamese girl from being bullied, so when she warmed up to me because of it, she told me her parents sent her out of the country as a refugee because men wanted to buy her as a sex slave. The parents couldn’t afford to feed themselves or her, so they had to send her away some other way but without selling their child to sex.

    These bad people are looking to feed off of women’s insecurities and vanity, so they seek out girls who are like that to begin with, but not always just like in the case of the girl you met and I met. Often times, they are just forced. Baltimore is REALLY bad with trafficking. They are now using young girls to lure other girls to be trafficked, too. I was handed a flyer this year at a theater to be a “cheerleader” for something that doesn’t really exist and was just a big coverup. The photo on the flyer was of a young woman (maybe 15 or 16) with heavy makeup and barely clothed. It looked worse than any high school cheerleading photo I’ve seen. I investigated further on their website, and it looked completely shady.

    • That is really amazing about the friend you had made. I am glad to hear that she was not put into that life. Vietnam is one of my heartstring countries and I really wanted to adopt from there but they closed the ability for the US to do so. Maybe one day it will open up again when we have funds and such. I am glad she was given that ability to come here as a refugee! I am glad her parents knew about the issues of sexual slavery there and didn’t want her to be a part of it. A lot of the poor get preyed on most and don’t know what is going on, so that is a miracle!

      I am aware of the issues in Baltimore and have read a lot of trafficking news there. It would be tough to feel as you do against it all and see it so easily. I have read a bunch of stories where girls lure other girls with the threats of pimps. There was a girl who was in a video interview I saw where her friend did that and had her sleep over and then her pimp came around. The girl’s father went looking for his little girl for months before they found her and he is so angry and upset over the whole situation because he didn’t seem to trust the friend’s family and even refused his daughter to go there but she went behind his back. Ouch. That really made the girl think she deserved it for a while because she disobeyed her dad and was put into sex slavery. Really a rough situation and very sad.

      Modeling and cheerleading and dancing things definitely pull a bunch of girls down that hole. Sad. I’ll have to tell you a bit about what I went through in the modeling stuff….I mean to write you a letter today actually because the boys’ school is done and I have more time on my hands today with no plans until next week.

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