Saachi had thought her marriage to be wonderful. Her husband had a good job and her children were safe.  Suddenly the mannerisms of her husband Udit began to change. He started to beat her and would not give her money. She started begging and her children were going hungry.  Udit had confessed after time that he had another woman that he was living with.  Saachi went into despair and sobbed time and time again.  Her husband left her completely. Saachi didn’t know how to provide for her children since her husband refused to help her.  She found a job at a garment factory to help her.

Saachi started to see a man at her new job but was fearful of what he would think of her own children. She started to realize that she needed to break ties with the man, as she was doing as her own husband had done to her, while she was still married to him.  She was a wreck and decided to end her life.  She thought there was no way she deserved to live with the actions of her life and what had happened to her.

Saachi poured kerosene all over her body and was ready to light the match.  In a few moments it would all be over—the guilt, the shame, the pain. She struck the match, its small flame sizzled, and before she allowed herself to change her mind, she let it drop.

As the flames enveloped her, the pain was unbearable and Saachi started to scream. The neighbors heard her cries, hurried over and rescued her. But her burns were already extensive. She was immediately taken to a hospital.

When a woman missionary for Gospel For Asia named Jabeen heard about Saachi, she felt she could relate, as she had a husband who had an affair and left her as well.  She was led to a pastor who had told her about Jesus’ love. She started to devote herself strictly to God and doing His work.

As Jabeen stood beside Saachi’s hospital bed sharing her story, she told Saachi about Jesus and how precious her life was to Him. Saachi didn’t need to pay for her sins; Jesus already did. Saachi wept as she realized that this man would never be unfaithful to her or abuse her. He loved her perfectly. Three weeks later, Saachi was released from the hospital and decided to go to church. There, she made a decision to fully accept the love of Jesus.

The scars from Saachi’s burns remain, but God is healing the scars on her heart. She has found a job that helps support her and her children’s needs. Her friendship with Jabeen continues, and they stay in touch. She knows that God sent Jabeen along when she needed her most.

Gospel for Asia women missionaries like Jabeen can minister in ways men can’t. Understanding the struggles of other women in Asia as they visit homes and hospitals, they are able to share the Gospel with those in need of hope. Sponsor a woman missionary today.

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  1. 😦 Personally, marital unfaithfulness is one of the most, if not the most, hard hitting problems in our world. The feeling you get from this is understandably earth shaking, because it’s supposed to represent our relationship with God. Only a marriage centered in Christ or our God will prosper, because no man or woman can truly be faithful without the very creator of marriage behind them. I’m very happy for Saachi that she has found true happiness with the Source of all.


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