As a child I was barefoot most of the time.  I remember when I started to see those signs in stores here in NJ saying, “No shoes, no service.”  It bothered me for some reason (though I do understand people don’t want to clean the floors so often in their stores).  When I was 13 I got planters warts because I was barefoot so often and germs from a public place attached to my feet (man did my feet itch for a few years).  It didn’t stop me from being barefoot. I don’t have planters warts any longer but have the scars. I used to walk around in my socks or barefoot in high school and I think honestly, people were used to me being so.  I got married barefoot.  I gave birth barefoot. I love calluses on feet and don’t understand why people want such soft and pretty feet.
barefootfamily4thumbbarefootfamily3thumbWhen Rob and I were on the worship team in our former church, we were usually barefoot. Our children don’t like wearing shoes either, though they only have one pair each at this point as it is.  They normally have dirty feet and I often find myself cleaning them.  We are usually always barefoot.  It can be dangerous in our state to be without shoes with all the litter we see and people chuck glass bottles around, or if a recycling can had some glass escape, it is dangerous.  At a beach once my brother stepped on some sharp glass.  I understand why it is important to wear them if you have a long distance to walk or if it is very hot and your feet are burning or if you are walking in harsh areas though (we get snow here for a few months each year so I definitely would’t be stepping out barefoot in that, though I have before a couple times), so don’t think that I am one of those “all barefoot all the time” people. I prefer being barefoot but I wear shoes in public. We live in the suburbs near the city but my heart has always wanted to live in an open country farm area where you don’t need to worry about pollution and weird things to step on other than maybe bees and cow dung (I’ve stepped in poop though before and it honestly doesn’t really bother me as strange as that sounds. . it just washes right off).  barefootfamily5thumb barefootfamily2thumbAnyway, if you like shoes, that’s cool. Don’t look down on people who walk around barefoot. Remember that most of the population of the world can’t even afford shoes while most Americans seem to own 5-10 pairs (myself included – though they are all 2-10 year old pairs).  It is better to live simply though than to spend money and be weighed down by materialism. By the way, there are loads of health benefits to walking and being barefoot. Check them out.barefootfamilythumb[outfit details: Sevenly shirt from 1.5 years ago, Target skirt from 2 years ago, Simply Fair bracelet]

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  1. Rob and I are barefoot all the time! We do it for both comfort and “grounding” for health reasons. We get weird stares at the park, because we used to walk at the park all the time with no shoes on. One even yelled out loud to Rob at the park, “OH C’MON, MAN!” As if it’s the most ridiculous thing to walk barefoot. Sigh.

    Poop on you is natural, lol… it won’t hurt you. Honestly if you walk barefoot a lot, you get more cautious and aware of what you’re stepping on versus a person who wears shoes all the time. You just adapt to it eventually.

    By the way, got your letter!!! 🙂 I will write soon.

    • That is so weird that you would get that at a park. We walked to a park a few years ago and I had posted photos of us there and we were barefoot . .actually I had shoes but the boys and Rob didn’t. Anyway, that is just weird that you’d get someone yelling that at a park. I would think that would be an acceptable place. We are allowed to walk in sand at beaches without shoes but not on grass?

      Hhaha. . .actually I have stepped in dog poop.. . .very squishy and warm because it was fresh! It didn’t bother me that much but I hosed down. It felt gross and I was a kid at the time. Goose poop is usually hard and doesn’t squish under my feet and is more crunchy and doesn’t bug me. haha.

      Yey for you getting the letter!


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