angelicaquilt1thumbWhen I was pregnant with Leto, a long time friend of my mom’s who could not attend the baby shower because she lives in Vermont, but who sent her gift with a friend she had seen who was going to my shower had hand made me a quilt. It was the first quilt I owned though it is not mine. . .but Leto’s. It was beautiful to me and small but I was so impressed by it for some reason.  It was and will always be my favorite baby blanket and I used it for Micah when he was a baby too.  I’ll post a photo of Leto as a baby sleeping on the quilt under this paragraph.  He loved it too and it is pretty much the only thing I still have from when he was a baby.  letoasleeponquiltNow that I make quilts, I see that baby quilts or at least square block quilts typically made for babies are very simple but very pretty.  I always loved patchwork in general.  I took a look at Leto’s baby quilt before I had made this quilt to give me an idea of what to do.  I liked the tri-color pattern so I decided to go with that.  A woman from church was pregnant and we were planning to have a baby shower for her at church.  I didn’t have a lot of time or money but I was able to find matching fabrics for a good affordable price and I had left over batting.  I decided I could make a baby boy quilt quickly enough, and so I did so! It really only took me a few hours total. I used my favorite colors! angelicaquilt5thumb angelicaquilt4thumb angelicaquilt3thumb angelicaquilt2thumbWhen the gift was opened and they realized I had made the blanket, the couple were happy and were very thankful.  The little baby boy has since been born and I hope he has been receiving peaceful sleep on his quilt!

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  1. Very pretty, Victoria! Our baby shower is going to be gender neutral, because we won’t find out the gender until after the baby is born (but you knew that!). So blue and green and yellow and beige are probably the colors we are going to have… earthy!


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