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My Ballet Boys Have a Mini-Gala

I haven’t posted ballet photos in some time, but yes, my sons just finished their second year of ballet a little over a month ago.  Micah was in pre-ballet this year (last year he was in preschool ballet) and Leto was in Beginner ballet (last year in pre-ballet).  They have since each moved up a level (Micah in Beginner ballet and Leto is now in level 1 ballet).  They each performed an hour long gala for their level for family members.  Micah’s gala was to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but sadly the seating wasn’t too great for me so I didn’t get enough good shots.  He did a great job though! He was once again the only boy in his class.  Leto’s performance was more strict and done mainly from memory and not with a teacher showing them what to do.  Leto did a great job! I loved watching each of them.  I had a front row seat right in front of where Leto was standing, which was neat (and thankfully it didn’t distract him).  Here are some photos from the mini-gala they had.  I do post photos throughout their training on my instagram too. On to year 3 of dancing ballet (and they LOVE it).Micahpreballetgala6thumb Micahpreballetgala3thumb Micahpreballetgala2thumb Letobeginnerballetgala15thumb Letobeginnerballetgala11thumb Letobeginnerballetgala6thumb


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