Those who have been reading my blog for a long time know that the quilt posts are pretty recent.  This was my 8th quilt.  In late May/early June, a woman who is the mother of one of Micah’s ballet classmates asked me to make her mom a quilt.  She wanted to do something sweet for her because she was ailing quite a bit.  I told her she could buy some light colored fabric cut at 10″x10″ and have family members write on them with fabric markers or paint.  I then let her know that I would be able to put a trim around each of them like a frame and that it wouldn’t take me long to do.
renetquiltinsta2I didn’t give her a price but asked that she just buy the fabric she wanted for her mom.  I told her how much to buy for each, and she followed through excitedly and immediately.  She gave me the finished 10×10 panels, but they were not all sized right at all. It was actually quite difficult for me to make this easy quilt just because the sizes were off, so it was a little off kilter and I was a bit upset by the turn-out. but I warned her that I was new to quilting to begin with and she said that was fine.  Also she gave me an extra panel which put my original measurements all out of whack.  renetquilt3

I decided to make more tulips like I had for my table runner and asked if that was okay with her and she loved the idea because she said her mom loved flowers.  I put her dad’s message in the center of the tulips and tried my best to put the blanket together with the badly sized panels.  I had forgotten to tell her about the binding fabric needed, so I just went out and got fabric I thought looked good with it.  I finished the quilt in three days and she picked it up and adored it, which made me glad (since I was so nervous).  She handed me some money for it, though I was not expecting the amount she gave me at all since I had her buy the fabric as it was.  While this may not be my best quilt, it was the most heartfelt.  Her mom loved the quilt, but unfortunately her mom died on June 19th (which was also my 11th wedding anniversary).  I received a message about her death with a very kind message about how touched the family was by the quilt I made and that her mom had it on her all the time and that they’ll always have the blanket to remind them of her last days and how sweet they were. I was very sad to hear all of what happened but glad I was able to get the quilt to her before she died.

Out of respect, I didn’t want to show you what the whole quilt looked like as there were a lot of personal messages on it, but she gave me permission to be able to share some photos.  renetquiltinsta1

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