Say hello to my students (and beautiful sons) and their new school photos!

I started up the boys’ school year a couple of weeks ago. My sons are tough to teach at times. Actually, they are tough to teach all the time.  If you ever want to homeschool your children, it will be the most challenging thing you have ever done.  My sons are really well behaved for the most part and are total sweethearts.

Leto is an easily distracted boy. He has a head filled with music and will hum songs all day long.  He wants to look outside and play games. His head is always dreaming and in the clouds.  The boy is also a smarty pants when he puts his mind to doing his work. Today was actually the easiest I had with him since I started to homeschool him when he was 3 years old.  Now, at 8, it seems that he wants less and less work to do.  I see he has an imagination, but when I tell him to write out his imaginations, he doesn’t like the work involved with it. He loves to read books, but writing is not something he enjoys to do.  It hurts me because writing was always one of my favorite things. I bought him a great writing book to help inspire him. So far it has helped. I hope it continues.  He lacks motivation but shows passion with learning the Bible, which makes my heart swell.

Micah is actually pretty attentive and does his work quickly, which sadly means his work is rushed and not always neat, but he does really well when he tries to slow down.  He always wants to know what is next to do. However, his reading comprehension is also rushed or he won’t listen to the details that I tell him. When it comes to putting his answers down after reading, he doesn’t want to skim the story again to help him find his answers.  Then of course he gets easily upset when I tell him to pay attention.  He recently finished his first real chapter book.  I am hoping his penmanship improves as he learns to write in cursive this year.  He seems pretty goal oriented, which means he is actually the easier of the two to teach.  He is improving with memorization, which is good.  This year is very different for him compared to the years earlier.

I really am hoping that they find a love for education and see that there are great reasons for why they have to learn.  They have no idea what an actual school setting is like and how easy they have it.  One of the girls from church tried to tell her schedule to them which made them thrilled that their school day usually ends between 11 AM to 1 PM depending on how they work.  They really are spoiled (though they don’t feel like they are) which means that I am getting more strict.  At times I want to just run down the street and do some triple or long jumps while stomping about like a mad monkey or a wild mustang.  Please pray that my nerves calm and that the boys stay focused and do a great job.

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  1. I love that you are homeschooling your boys! I thought I might homeschool my son at one point but I’m not sure I could handle it! Not just being with him all the time and having to be strict, but the actual teaching… I’ve realized over the past few years that I don’t remember much of my elementary education! More like… I remember it if I use it, but I don’t know how to TEACH it.


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