1. I am a chalkboard fan. When the whiteboard came out in schools I attended, I was a little sad because I had fun with chalk and didn’t mind getting it on my hands.  Now they have those smart boards which I have yet to see in person.  I used to color and draw on a chalkboard we had in our basement when I was a kid.  In a school in OK, chalkboards from nearly 100 years ago were found hidden behind other chalkboards.  It was neat to see the art especially on these chalkboards. It seems like teachers were pretty artistic and talented in the past. OKchalkboard
2. A Native American Fish River Cree woman who endured/s racism and poverty and grew up in foster care had been sent a book that she now uses as a tool to show how racism began against her people.  It is sad and powerful to read and I enjoyed this article. I really feel drawn so much to the Natives of this land and my heart hurts for them and what they continue to endure. The old book made it seem as if Natives were lazy and needed white men to survive. I suppose the book was used to teach Natives English in schools in the 1800s. CrystalSinclairprimer3. How would you like to spend your wedding feeding refugees in Syria? That’s what this Turkish couple did on their wedding day, in their white clothes and all.  I think it was amazing of them to do.  What a great article worth reading!  May we in the US see how much more vital it is to serve others on one of the most important days of our lives rather than spending thousands and thousands to celebrate ourselves. I truly think this was very admirable.Turkishweddingcouple
4. This little girl builds micro houses on her own and plants her own veggie garden in order to help homeless people have shelter and food! She is encouraging and inspiring and lives out what I think we all should live out.haleyhome

5. This is more of a “thought” since I post more links in these posts than anything. Basically, I have not been posting as often as I used to because I am much more involved with the organization that I am a huge part of called Justice Network. I now am the one who makes most of the blog posts (made my first this week), I make some of the facebook posts (no, I don’t have my own facebook acount, I basically am Justice Network on facebook but the co-creators of the org also post), I also run the instagram and twitter.  I write the newsletters too (my first one was sent out today).  I have a lot of responsibilities now that I didn’t have before.  I am sorry for my lack of posts though!  Every week I will be making posts over at Justice Network, but some of them are written by other members of our organization and I will post it for them, while otherwise it will be posts that I make.

6. I have had a YouTube Channel. I can’t believe I have not posted about it when I’ve had it since spring.  I am mainly posting about the road to minimalism that our family is on lately, but I also have some more entertaining videos as well. I hope you will watch, subscribe, like, and comment on them! justicepirateyoutubechannel

7. Pumpkin cheesecake dip is going to be something my husband will beg me to make for him. It looks delicious.pumpkincheesecakedip8. the only season that I seem to ever decorate for is Autumn, and things like this make me swoon. I really like the idea of this and have made something similar to it in the past . . .and this might be my next project (aside from the regular quilting). If you know me in person, you know I own no trinkets and that my decorations are candles and scriptures.autumncandlejars
9. I actually really love wallpaper though I have never put any up anywhere.  This is a neat way to do something like wallpaper but easy to paint over instead of trying to tear it apart. Pretty results in the room (when you click on the link).

10. And I know it is a while to go before winter but my husband sent me this photo today and he and I were dreaming. hotcocoa

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