treeclimbingboys2I find that being drawn to the minimalist lifestyle leads you to more adventure.  We don’t know a lot about Jesus’ life before he was 30 (other than his birth, that he was a refugee for a few years in Egypt, and that he made his parents a nervous wreck at 12).  He is outdoors for the majority of the four gospels, and often he even told stories that were located outdoors.  There is a sense of peace and joy in being with others outside.  I find that I care a lot more for others and wanting to guide them in God’s love now that I have less stuff than when I was inside worrying about what I wanted to do for myself all the time.  Jesus was always caring for others and slept outside, in boats, and even hung out in the desert for over a month (which was not a fun experience because he was so hungry).  We can learn so much from the outdoors and one another.  I am glad that we are starting to spend more time outdoors.  We can be thankful for nature God has given us and to take care of it as He wants us to.  I am excited to see how our sons will view God from being unplugged from technology as they learn to care for God’s world (and the people in the world).    treeclimbingboys6treeclimbingboys7

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  1. The outdoors is such a wonderful place to connect with God’s creation and not be distracted by TV and the Web! Rob and I gave up our cellphones completely. It was challenging at first, but it’s been a huge blessing. You get to be more focused and aware of things and people around you. I would like to go to an outdoor church!


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