cesar chavezCesar Chavez; 2014 (w/ Michael Pena, America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson, John Malkovich) – 4 stars – This movie was so good! I honestly had no idea who Cesar Chavez was before this, and feel truly sad about it considering that I am all for abolition of slavery.   This movie is straight up about labor trafficking, from the bringing in of cheap laborers from Mexico and ill treatment of them as wel as the very low pay received where they can barely survive.  Cesar Chavez was a US citizen born in AZ who wanted to help the grape farm laborers who were Mexican like his roots.  He wanted to bring justice out and help them receive better treatment and wages.  This led to the biggest and most successful boycott in the world.  I truly recommend you watch this.
content: some violence such as people beating others up or shooting into crowds of people, a woman is shown chest up in a full slip brushing her hair, language in it such as the “s” word, “d” word, and more several times (which is sad because this movie is so good that they didn’t need to put it in), there are also a lot of racist slurs used.

madeforeachotherMade for Each Other; 1939 (w/ James Stewart, Carole Lombard) – 3.25 stars – Marrying on the spot of meeting someone is not always a good idea, but two people decided that is what they’d do.  They feel like they’d be able to get through anything together.  That is when things happen that shake up their world.  Business issues, in-laws, having money problems, and trying their best to survive while still trying to maintain love for one another.  Jimmy Stewart is my favorite actor and I have seen the majority of his films, but this one seemed to have slipped through my fingers until now.  He always portrayed characters perfectly.  The acting was believable throughout it and the story was intense.  Very good.
content: immodesty, smoking, drinking

Into the Woods; 2014 (w/ James Cordon, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep, Daniel Huttlestone, Lilla Crawford, Tracey Ullman, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp) – 3.25 stars –  This was originally a stage production and I think it was made into movie form quite well.  Our friend “Craig” from Matt Smith’s Doctor Who episodes is the main character, a baker.  He can’t have children because of a curse put on his family by the witch neighbor.  She gives him a way to reverse the curse.  His wife and he set out to fix what had been done.  They sing about it all, but perhaps there is not a true happy ending after you get what you think you want.  I loved the songs except for the fact that one of them reminds me too much of the beginning part of “The Candyman” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (one of my all time favorites).  I don’t think I’d recommend children seeing this as there are a few questionable content issues.  I probably would have rated this higher otherwise. I still think they should have had Bernadette Peters in the movie somewhere since she was the witch in the stage production.
content: immodesty (cleavage throughout), a witch says “raping me” meaning her garden being stripped of her beans, there is a married character who kisses someone they are not married to, a wolf is out to hunt a little girl – but the wolf is very like a man so it is a little strange to me and looks like a child predator, a man stabs a wolf (no stab actually seen, but you know what is happening as it is explained in song), death, people attack a giant, people try to steal things, a mother mocks her son and slaps him around a bit (not on the face), a girl gets slapped, people are blinded by birds and by falling on thorns, some sexual innuendos, God’s name used in vain once, magic things (curses, spells, and more), people get eaten whole

cinderellaCinderella; 2015 (w/ Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden, Helena Bonham Carter, Stellan Skarsgård, Nonso Anozie, Ben Chaplin, Sophie McShera) – 4 stars – I will say that I have never really been one to really like Cinderella so much, but I did have an obsession with Ever After (which I still like much more than this, by the way).  However, I think I enjoy the character of Cinderella more than ever now.  Her attitude is one that I want to have.  The idea that she is kind even when being mistreated is amazing.  I think it is a good person to look up to (even if fictional).  My whole family sat down to watch this movie together, and our boys really enjoyed it.  I don’t have to explain the story since I am sure you already know it.  This was just very pretty and well acted.  It is very much like the animated Disney movie including the costumes. I just wish they didn’t have to show so much bosom to everyone.
content: immodesty (cleavage and girls putting on corsets while having on other garments as well like bloomers), a few people do die in this from illnesses, name calling, people shown holding drinks, mistreatment/slavery

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