I haven’t made an official post about our #roadtominimalism that our family has been on over the past few months.  I have been posting Youtube videos while on the journey of things we have been doing to declutter or change how we live.  It has been easier than you may suspect and a lot of fun, though takes some time too.

We’ve given things away to people we know, sold a few items, and have donated a load.  We have put things on the curb of our busy street, and watch people take them within minutes!  I even gave my dad old electronics to bring to the recycling center (I originally was going to go with him but he wasn’t home so my parents told me to leave them on the porch), and he said people took everything he carried to be recycled right back out of his hands.

For instance, here we have the loads of shoes I used to have (nearly 30 pairs).  I got it down to the 8 most worn pairs I have (the oldest being over a decade old with holes in them but still gets the job down to a pair I have only owned for a year). Also how the boys’ closet once looked and how it looks now.

We have even started to get rid of the cleaning materials we have used for ages and started to make our own such as all purpose cleaner, dusting spray, toilet bowl cleaner, laundry detergent (see how here), and toothpaste (vid coming soon).
I really needed to get rid of some things I had held on to since I was a child that I never touch at all and haven’t for over a decade like all the cassette tapes (my children were enthralled by these ancient specimens, some which were broken as it was).Rob and I even fit all our clothes each in one individual drawer and here is the closet space we have.  So yes, those of you who have followed me for years and enjoyed my modest fashion posts, there will be little of those left, as I live out of the same clothes every week until they die. (time to get rid of some hangers too, and to think I already got rid of a hundred hangers before this).We are even doing our own laundry to save us $36 a month from going to the laundromat like we had been doing.  Here’s Leto helping me with laundry (yes, that is our laundry machine).
We even had two of these bookshelves which were overflowing with books and now both shelves are gone as well as the books (other than about 6 of them that we kept for now)We have changed much of our old lifestyle for this new one, and hope to eventually buy a small maybe 600 sq. foot home (we live in a two-family home in a 2 bedroom space on one of the floors, but in the seven years we have lived here, we have realized we have spent enough rent money on owning a small house, which has been hard to comprehend, because we were okay with renting here for the rest of our lives, honestly.  NJ is very expensive!

Why are we doing this, you ask? What purpose does this serve?
It has helped us to make important goals and work towards them for one.  However, the most important reason why we have been doing this is because we are tired of seeing poverty and slavery.  We are tired of seeing oppression and people who are in need when we have the ability to help them.  We are burdened for those who are suffering.  We are tired of the culture around us that says to buy things we don’t need instead of to help the needs of those around us.

Ultimately, we see that prosperity and the life of those who have much is not something that Jesus spoke highly of anyway.  If he said that it is as harder for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven as it is for a camel to try to enter the eye of a needle, which as a quilter I have a hard time even looking through, then we need to make changes in our physical life as well as our spiritual lives and I think in this case they go hand in hand (and yes, we are rich even if we don’t own a mansion or have expensive cars).

We want to explore the world and enjoy nature.  We want to see the people around us and build relationships with them rather than staying cooped up in our homes.  We think this society does too much reversed of how Jesus taught and lived. We have had enough of that.  We have a long way to go, I think in general, but our strides towards loving God and our neighbor as ourselves by seeking justice and more have certainly become more important than ever.

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