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Two Quilts: My Happy Little Trees

My friend Brienne asked me to make her sister’s baby a quilt.  I pretty much had a week to do it from when she let me know she she wanted one made up, though I did it in three days and the baby was born as I was making it!  It is thanks to my friend for picking out the pattern (I gave her ideas based on her sister’s interests and she chose this pattern).

It was a huge success and I even did an applique on the back with the little girl’s initials on it.  I dropped it off and the family really was happy with it and it was great to see the newborn babe in her mother’s arms.  I have since been told that the mother of the baby is scared it will get ruined because it is so pretty and wants to hang it up instead of use it (oh my).treequilt1thumb treequilt2thumb treequilt3thumb

When I posted on instagram a couple pictures of the quilt, my cousin said she wanted one in red and green.  I made one for her a little larger than the first one, because she said she wanted to cuddle with her kids in the holiday season.  The first one was a “throw” size while this one is more of a “twin” size.  You can’t really see it too well in the photos, but the white fabric has snowflakes all over it, so I liked the idea that the snow was falling on the trees.

As for the finalizing of quilts, I wanted it to look like the wind was blowing through the trees, so I made the little waves across the trees.missyquilt1thumb missyquilt2thumb missyquilt6thumb missyquilt7thumbmissyquilt5thumbmissyquilt9thumbmissyquilt4thumbmissyquilt3thumb


5 thoughts on “Two Quilts: My Happy Little Trees

  1. Victoria these are beautiful! I really love the patterns, and I love purple! Quilts are so very special to me. I love handmade things, I know you put a lot of love in those. I like your models! Hahaha!

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