I have never been a city girl.  I might live close to NYC and other busy cities in NJ, but usually the suburbs are a bit too much for me.

There were a few times in my childhood where I would visit my uncle who lives about 6 hours north in upstate NY.  He had a horse farm with maybe 7 or 8 horses at a time (now he rents his stable out for people to keep their horses), chickens, a goose, collies, and a corn field.  It was my favorite place to be at because I could go for a walk simply in their yard or down the road where barely any cars drove by or I’d go to the stable to talk to the horses (my favorite was named Pride, who died maybe within the past ten years).  I also liked collecting eggs from the chickens.

When I went to camp every summer, that quickly became my favorite place to be as well.  I’d love to just sit in the woods and sleep in a large six-bunk tent without electricity cut off from my busy suburban world.  I could swim, kayak, sail, canoe, and eventually worked with the horses as a groom aide for two summers (my first job)!

I find peace in nature and in working with animals.  I find myself more irritable and frustrated when inside (cooped up or around too many people or in busy areas).  If I am around animals or outside in nature, I really do think they become my best therapy in life and keep me feeling sane and calm.  Looking at the trees and how the sun comes through them while listening to the birds puts me more in touch with God.  I feel the most peace when in nature.  The best childhood memories I have are outside. Where are yours?

In our “road to minimalism”, we have often talked about how riding around in a van, bus, camper, or something of that sort would be neat as we go about doing God’s mission work in spreading the gospel of Christ to all we encounter while helping them out.  We don’t exactly know what will happen, but we know that He’s surely been directing and paving our decisions more and more lately and leading us in that way.

Do you have a place where you feel most connected to God?  Do you have something you like to do that makes you feel at peace?myonblindhorseMe on a blind horse when I was two.meonPrideAge four on Pride, my favorite horseprideiloveyouWith Pride and my dad when I was seven (this was still before they let me off on my own).498756202_cd91d42972_oAbout to go on a trail ride at age 15.Scan_20151204 (7)Hanging out with Tex while I was working at a summer camp at the age of 16 (ignore the bangs…someone brought pink spray to camp for hair).trailblazer2In 2009 getting ready for a trail ride. Me & ColossusMe & Colossus (Rob’s aunt’s horse).

Leto on a pony at a farm in NJ with a kind worker.

Micah on a pony at a farm in NJ with a kind worker.3045126439_4ecd99320f_oPregnant with Micah in this.
8479442463_1939f59703_zYou can tell how much I love nature by looking back through my old fashion posts.  We live in a very busy road in NJ right off or a highway.  There is nothing country about it.  It is interesting how many photos I look back on where I can see how much I looked for places away from the hustle and bustle.  5040143658_0e7b591c2c_o 5121453316_563f12795f_o 5178491593_017ebde6a2_o6790612109_ef6fe84eb0_z 5898280741_c7d0428f57_o 7854091594_e188670f0d_o 11590946244_63daceeef9_o

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Victoria. Anabaptist, Wife of Rob, Mom of two boys, minimalist, quilt maker, Resources Adviser/Social Media Manager for anti-human trafficking awareness organization Justice Network (justice-network.org).


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