momanddadquilt8I wanted to make my parents a throw quilt.  My mom said she would be willing to pay for the fabric.  I went over to Connecting Threads and got a kit because it would cost less than if I bought the fabric individually.  I originally was going to make a quilt for them using reproduction fabric from the 1800s but it would cost triple the amount of money to do so.  With the kit, they sent all the fabric I needed and I’d just have to cut it all up and follow a pattern.  I liked that the fabric still resembled the late 1800s as I had intended for my parents.

I had so much fun doing this quilt because it was so different from the others I’ve done because it was all pieced at a sort of angle.  It was easy and I made it in a week.  There was so much extra fabric that I used it for the backing!

Once I gave it to my parents my mom claimed it for herself.  She seriously sometimes carries it around her home and has brought it with her to places to show off which is a little odd to me (as if I were 8 and she was showing a drawing I did or something).  I call her Linus now.  My dad tried to use it on his body and my mom was all, “This is mine!” . . . . .so now I have to make my dad his own throw quilt too since my mom won’t share. Silly old couple.  momanddadquilt2 momanddadquilt1momanddadquilt6momanddadquilt7 momanddadquilt4momanddadquilt9

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  1. […] made it from a pattern and using fabric from Connecting Threads. I used the same fabrics to make my mom a quilt back a few months ago, and figured they should be all “matchy-matchy” as an old married […]


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