Nearly a year ago I made a post called “5 Practical ‘Resolutions’ for This Year” in which I hoped to live out.

Some of the listed things I didn’t know if I’d be able to do in the year anyway.  I did finish 15 quilts this year and am working on the last one for family members right now, so that is the only goal that I really successfully accomplished.  I am not setting a goal of how many quilts to do this next year, but I’ll definitely work hard on many of them! I have so much fun quilting!

I did take my sons out for little dates here and there.  It wasn’t that often, but I did it!  I also went on a few walks too (wish it were more).  I especially liked the walks I took alone with Micah while Leto had his piano lessons.  He gets to have time alone with me which I know he enjoys as well as I.  We will be doing more walking in 2016.  We didn’t do the camping-out-thing this year, but we definitely have been planning on doing one for this coming summer!  It is funny that a year ago Rob wasn’t interested in the idea of camping and now he is all for it and wanting to explore the woods and live in a van, and all that fun stuff that I’d never believed he’d be into.  Therefore, since his mindset was changed, I feel as if my goal is going to become fulfilled and lived out!

Me from the summer (I don't own this outfit anymore, but I owned that skirt for 12 years & shirt for 3).

Me from the summer (I don’t own this outfit anymore, but I owned that skirt for 12 years & shirt for 3).

In looking back in this year, there were a lot of things that went on. 

-I regained friends that I thought were lost from my life and I lost friends I never thought I’d lose ever.  It taught me to be content with whoever God has put in my life and to be at peace when others leave.  I have become much more cautious with how attached I get to people though and how much I share about myself with them.

-I learned more about God than I ever had before and it truly cleared my head and eased my heart a lot.  It helped me.  I have seen a change in my own attitude and reactions because of how much ease He’s given me.  I’m still working on certain areas of my attitude but I feel I have become a bit more meek.

-I got along better with my parents this year and those I encounter due to my longing to be at peace with all and living out the fruits of the Spirit more.

-I became much more involved with Justice Network and Gospel For Asia and was blessed by those associated with them and enjoyed the many events I was involved with for both of these!  Meeting and conversing with people at conventions and events is always neat.  I am especially touched by the victims of human trafficking that I met and briefly talked to at a couple of these events.

-We simplified our lives much more than ever before, clearing out the majority of our possessions this year.  It took several months of work, but was fun.  We look forward to the next few years of our continued simplified lives.  Having less has brought more joy to me.  I hope to do more posts about this next year.  I really enjoy minimalism.

-The boys quit ballet after being involved for over two years.  I didn’t think it would happen.  I thought they would become professionals one day because they had expressed their dreams of having their own ballet school one day. It is funny how much better their lives actually are without ballet, and I didn’t think that would be as I cried when they stopped because I loved watching them.  I don’t want them to continue something if their heart isn’t in it.

-My body has felt so much better this year.  I’ve suffered from anemia and felt so much energy the last half of the year, that I stopped taking my needed vitamins and still felt great.  I don’t know if it was because I started to use essential oils in my cleaning supplies and as perfume and burned as fragrance, me eating more veggies this year, or if people’s prayers for me were answered or just a combination of the bunch of things in one, but I am so thankful about it!  I think I am ready to do more exercising in the next year because of it.

-I hardly took photographs this year at all.  It wasn’t intentional.  I was really down about how this was the third year I didn’t have my own camera since mine broke.  Since it broke I’ve been using Rob’s camera (though I have never liked Rob’s camera for a few reasons, but he never uses it so at least it has been used).  went to take a photo of Micah blowing out candles on his 7th birthday cake last week, and the camera wasn’t working correctly (wouldn’t focus or click to take it) and I missed the image completely, that I was really sad (and I didn’t have my phone on me to get one with that at least).  The image that I saw through the lens is in my head as I type this. He had such a big smile on his face! I feel really badly about missing capturing it so I can show it to him one day.  Therefore I plan on replacing Rob’s camera (he agreed) with one that I will be excited about using and on a regular basis. I want to photograph nature again like I used to always do more than anything before I started doing portraits.   I want to photograph my sons on adventures.  I also plan on taking black and white phone pictures for my instagram each day this coming year. Not sure if I’ll be able to do it, but It is something I’ll try out.  Doing these things means even more outdoor time! I like that idea a lot!Hanukkah2015_2thumb-I always hated when Rob would shave his head but now I am okay with it.  I always hated facial hair, but his beard is beautiful on him.  No matter how he looks I adore him so much and am severely attracted to him.  Come the end of January I’ll be able to say that I’ve known him for half of my life.

-My parents are aging and I am finding that I need to help them more than ever especially as my mom’s been ailing lately and had two surgeries this month.  I am learning how to care for them little by little now so that way it will be less stressful in the future.

-Motherhood is really hard. I am learning more and more about trying to not react so quickly to my sons’ failures of behavior.  I have a very hard time with disrespect though.  I am working on giving them more grace and trying to show more love than ever.

-My obsession with fair trade/sustainable/ethical items might sound crazy to a lot of people. Rob and I have become more strict about what we do buy when we do buy.  I like knowing that the pajamas I am wearing, the sweatshirt I am wearing, the chocolate I eat, the earphones I am using – that these things were not created in harmful conditions by those mistreated and under paid. I like that more companies are being caught for their slave labor and are being told to improve.  It is great!  It will be nice when every single item I own will be slave-free.  I hope to work towards that more this next year!

-I really love being an Anabaptist Christian.  I like our mindsets and way of living and how it seems so much more in line with Acts 2 and the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus’ life lived out more visibly.  Being a member of a Mennonite church in which we have attended for two years now has challenged me more to live as Christ and to be a light in the darkness while loving my neighbors as myself.  It is hard to describe how much confusion and pain I used to have beforehand.  I feel as if so much of that has been washed away and seriously handed to God to care for.  I see Him leading our family in an amazing direction!

The boys with their little cousin

The boys with their little cousin

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