US shows bug me with sex scenes, immodesty, and plots that get dragged out for six years so we never get to an ending.  I don’t like that.  What I absolutely love about Korean shows is that they have no sex scenes and the characters barely even kiss (they hold their lips together for a few seconds, though a few shows will have real kisses that are normal, it is not as common as those still-kisses).  They usually have a set of standards and morals where people for the most part don’t even have sex until after marriage (there have been a couple shows where people are known to have slept together but they never show more than a kiss and fully dressed people).  I tend to be drawn to the sweet romantic stories.

I won’t mention shows I have already reviewed, so I’ll just let you know of some of my recent favorites.  I watch these shows through Drama Fever.  I have an app on my Roku set up on my TV (we have no regular TV channels at all and have Netflix also as an app on there).  I can watch Drama Fever shows through it, which is great!  Otherwise I can watch them through the computer.  Shows are usually a full hour long with maybe 15-24 episodes depending on the series.  I like that we get a completed story at the end of each show.

Angel Eyes; 2014 (w/ Gu Hye Sun, Lee Sang Yoon, Kang Ha Neul, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Ji Suk) – 4 stars – The first couple episodes are focused on two older teens and the experiences they endured because of an accident.  One is a guy trying to care for his mother and sister the best he can.  He is happy-go-lucky and has a good attitude.  The other is a girl who misses her mother and wishes her father had a better relationship with her because they were once close.  She is pretty lonely and is blind.  Goodness this part is really sweet and addicting to watch.  Everything seems so nice.  Then something else happens which pulls the two apart.  Years pass by and their paths cross one another again.  Are they still remembering the first loves they had for one another or are they ready to move on?  Let me just say that the whole series has loads of tears (man, they are so good at crying too).  I love the way the characters are developed throughout the series!  So good!  So sweet too!  My emotions were all over the place while watching this!angeleyes4

My Love From Another Star
; 2013 (w/ Kim Soo Hyun, Jeon Ji Hyun, Park Hae Jin, Yoo In Na, Shin Sung Rok) – 4.5 stars – I have reviewed two other shows I have seen with Kim Soo Hyun in the past.  In this one he plays an alien who has come to Earth to learn from it.  He meets a young girl who shows him what a truly kind human is like.  Four hundred years later he is in modern day Seoul.  He has watched the city change before his eyes and has changed his identity countless times.  There is a famous actress who is a student in his class in which he is a professor at.  She thinks she can get away with things.  Turns out she is also the new next door neighbor who annoys him because of his special abilities he has at hearing things easily.  Their entire relationship is so great to watch.  I laughed SO many times throughout this show!  I thought Jeon Ji Hyun was amazing and I loved her humor!  Just to let you know, there is a lot of drunkenness in this show (though never shown as a good thing).  There is also a murder mystery throughout the entire story and the actress is thought as the one who did it.  Her alien neighbor doesn’t really want to be involved but seems to be drawn to wanting to help this girl regularly.  She is a pain in his butt throughout.  One of the best shows I’ve seen!mylovefromanotherstar6

Twenty Again; 2015 (w/ Choi Ji Woo, Lee Sang Yoon, Choi Won Young, Kim Min Jae) – 3.25 stars – Ha No Ra is a housewife.  She is very dutiful.  She once wanted to become a dancer, as she went to a special academy for dance.  It was her dream.  Now she wants to make sure her son is cared for.  She is a sorrowful creature to watch though.  I was really pained when I saw the first two episodes especially of this show.  I hurt for this woman and was annoyed with her because she let her husband pretty much walk all over her (at first).  Her husband wants to divorce her but they are waiting for a time since their son is entering college.  That is when behind her husband’s back, she decides that she too will enter college.  She will do her best so that her son and husband have no idea.  In the process she comes across an old friend of hers from high school who ends up being one of her professors.  He gives her attitude and doesn’t get it considering they were friends once.  I guess in Korea it is looked down on for older people to enter college while here in the US I know a lot of people who got degrees later on in life.  Ha No Ra wants to make friends but everyone sees her as an “old lady”. . .but her character develops really well and so I continued to watch this.  It got good.  Also Lee Sang Yoon was in Angel Eyes that I reviewed above too.  He did a great job.


Heartstrings; 2011 (w/ Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, Song Chang Ui, Kang Min Hyuk, Woo Ri, So Yi Hyun, Im Se Mi) – 3.75 stars – This was a very sweet and clean show all around.  Kyu Won was raised in a traditional music family.  Her grandfather is a famous folk singer and wears the traditional clothing of Korea.  She has been playing a stringed instrument called a gayageum all her life.  She is now in a University working on her major in traditional music.  Lee Shin majors in music too but plays the electric guitar.  He feels like traditional music has no passion.  He is popular in his band and all the girls like him.  When he comes across Kyu Won, the two of them butt heads and decide to compete against one another in their music.  The story was just really lovely.  It had its funny moments and very sweet moments.  I liked that the people actually played the instruments and did their own singing too!  Yey!heartstrings2heartstrings3

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