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Photographing Remi

Six months ago I made a “happy little tree” quilt in purple for my friend’s niece.  The sweet little baby girl is now six months old and her mommy hired me to photograph her.  I will say Remi is such a happy baby.  I have never had so many smiles when photographing a baby or child like this one has shared (outside of my own)!  To top it off, I am so thrilled I got to photograph her sitting on the quilt that I made too.  thumbnailRRL2thumbnailRRL3thumbnailRRL1thumbnailRRL4thumbnailRRL5thumbnailRRL6thumbnailRRL7thumbnailRRL8thumbnailRRL9thumbnailRRL10thumbnailRRL11thumbnailRRL12thumbnailRRL13thumbnailRRL14thumbnailRRL15thumbnailRRL16thumbnailRRL17thumbnailRRL18thumbnailRRL19


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