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Pinwheel Newspaper Quilt

ncquilt1I had a magazine from Keepsake Quilting that had this pattern within it (using some of the same fabrics too).  It was rather simple and fun to make. I always loved pinwheels as a child (I think of the Pinwheel song from Nickelodeon in the 1980s that I sang often).  I got the grey and white fabrics from The Quilt Ranch & Fabric Sweets.  The blue solid fabric was from Jo-Ann.

A woman at my church, whom we have made a surrogate grandmother to our boys, just celebrated her 74th birthday.  I made this for her recently, but I had it planned for a year (and feel badly that it took me so long to finally work on).  She responded saying it was the nicest gift anyone has ever given to her.  I was really amazed to have such a response.  Some of the fabric pieces have script handwriting on them as well as vintage looking newspaper advertisements.  The woman who received this quilt writes in script in all the cards she has sent to us each week over the past couple of years.  She was really touched by it and loved every part.  It made me smile.


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