April is my favorite month. Spring is my favorite season. The cabin fever I suffered is over! At long last! How does one celebrate the coming of nice warm weather? By going outside and doing things together as a family outside of the house.  I figured I’d do a little post about it.

My mom finally was able to go for walks after three surgeries and feeling a bit better (she still has some pain).  We planned a field trip for the day before she started work up again.  She took us to a wildlife nature center she used to take me to when I was a little girl (and very little has changed there).  We have taken the boys there before. I forgot to bring my camera with me, so I took some pics with my phone that day.  The boys had so much fun seeing amphibians, reptiles, birds, and rabbits.  We went on a walk afterwards. It was a little chilly still, but a great day!

A new family-owned ice cream shop opened up not far from where we live. They own an outdoor ice cream place that has been popular in the area for fifty years and recently bought a second location where you can go inside to sit.  We have been waiting for it to open for months and months. Rob had an ice cream craving and said, “Let’s go get some ice cream!” The people who worked there were sweet and the ice cream was delicious!  This was the first time Leto had ice cream on a cone!
A Korean food place opened up within the past few months as well and I’ve been aching to go to it since I saw their sign too.  Rob had never had Korean food even though we lived across from a Korean BBQ place for a couple years at our former residence (I used to go to it with my Korean friend Cristina). We love teaching our sons about cultures in general.  I could easily live off of all forms of Asian countries’ foods and have been eating them since I was 8 (been using chopsticks like a pro since then too).  Watching all these Korean dramas lately has made me crave tteokbokki especially, so I got some as well as other foods! It was so delicious!

We had no plans last Saturday but Rob decided, “Let’s go to the zoo!”

It was free and we’ve been there a couple of other times, but it has been about two and a half years since going.  Now that the boys are old enough to understand animals more, it was a great experience for them.  Micah especially has knowledge of animals from watching loads of Wild Krats.  He was telling us detailed information and knew names of animals I have never heard of.  He impressed us a lot. Leto didn’t even want to go and whined and cried about leaving the house.  On the train ride he cried tears of joy saying, “This is the best day ever.” I think the whole week with all these things we did was tiring but so great! I loved it! Rob did really well for an introvert too (including initiating two of these outings)!bcz12thumbbcz2thumbbcz1thumbbcz6thumbbcz8thumb


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