matzohcrunch13thumbFor a few years our family has been celebrating Pesach/Passover tied in with Yeshua/Jesus instead of Easter. We have no Jewish heritage and are Christians adopted as God’s children, but if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that we don’t celebrate the typical holidays for many reasons.  We really love the ties that Jesus’ last Passover/last supper have with the first Passover in Moses’ time.  When Jesus celebrated his week of Passover for the last time, he was arrested, tried, beaten, crucified, and resurrected.  Death has passed over us because the lamb was slain for us.

This week’s Passover is coming to a close and we’ve had a pretty chill week.  Every year my family looks forward to their favorite Passover snack!  I make it a bunch afterwards when I have left over matzoh as well.  Even if you don’t celebrate, this recipe is so easy and so much fun!  It is also so delicious!  I have decided to finally share the recipe with others!

What You’ll Need:
1. A cookie sheet baking pan
2. Aluminum foil
3. A small non-stick sauce pot (1-3 quarts)
4. 1 cup of butter (I suggest organic and possibly kosher butter)
5. 1 cup of brown sugar (organic)
6. a 9 oz. bag of organic Fair Trade Sunspire chocolate chips (no slave chocolate please, especially nestle) – this is sold in supermarkets but if not buy here.
7. Matzoh (I used Kosher Yehuda Matzos which are bigger than others)

Pre-heat your oven at 375 degrees F.  Begin melting your butter in your small non-stick sauce pot. Mine is a 1 quart pot. I suggest doing so at medium heat.matzohcrunch1thumb

Step 2:
While the butter is melting a little, cover your baking sheet with aluminum foil all around the entire pan. Place your matzoh boards on it.  You will have to break some in half (best you can) so that they can cover the inside of the pan. Try to not have any overlays. If you do, allow them to be very slight.matzohcrunch2thumb

Step 3:
Put a packed up 1 cup measure-full of brown sugar into the butter as it is still melting (before it gets to boiling).  Now the fun begins where you will be constantly stirring it until it reaches a thick consistency. In my pictures I show what it looks like shortly after I put the sugar in and what it should look like when you are all done (fluffy looking). This may take 3-5 minutes depending on how well you stir and how high your heat is. This is your caramel mixture.  Place the caramel immediately on top of the matzoh!  Spread it around with your spoon (it may try to fight you a little, but you can do it).

Step 4:
Change the oven heat to 350 Degrees F. Put the caramel matzoh baking sheet into the oven for 12 minutes.  You’ll start to see that the edges of the caramel are darker which means it is ready to take out. It should not be burned or you cooked it for too long. Keep your eye out for that.  I had one batch I put in three minutes longer last year which was a big oops. matzohcrunch8thumb

Step 5:
Immediately put the Fair Trade chocolate chips on top of caramel (mine were frozen, but they don’t have to be).  Let the chocolate melt for 5 minutes.  Then spread the chocolate around to cover the boards completely.

Step 6:
This is the most annoying step because I know you are wanting to just eat them now.  Put the whole baking sheet into your refrigerator for an hour.  This will solidify the chocolate and caramel.  When it is ready, take it out and break the pieces by hand into rectangles and squares of your choice.  I keep mine in the fridge when we aren’t eating them (covered) so that the chocolate doesn’t melt again, but you can keep it contained outside of the fridge too!matzohcrunch11thumbmatzohcrunch12thumbmatzohcrunch14thumbmatzohcrunch15thumb


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