Recently we went to a museum that had a “Dino Day” theme.  Unfortunately, the camera’s batteries kicked out after I took one photo of the boys making a dinosaur craft there. A few days ago my phone short circuited so the pictures I took with my phone never backed up on my icloud because it had been full, so I lost the 4 other pictures I took of us exploring the museum.  There was a cute one of Leto touching a fossil too that I will never see again other than in my mind.

Both of the boys really adore dinosaurs and can tell you so much about ones that I can’t pronounce and never heard of.  Every single day they read through this book. It is one of the few books that they keep going back to after owning it for a few years.

While at the museum there was a man who gave a presentation about dinosaurs and discussed how there were loads of types that had feathers that are incorrectly depicted in movies like Jurassic Park.  He even told us that birds are dinosaurs and explained in depth about it.  It was quite interesting.  I learned a lot.

I will say that out of the things we’ve been doing lately, this event was aimed too much at smaller children (toddler age) other than the presentation, so we were let down a bit about it.

After the museum we went for a nice walk and had a really lovely family day.  theboysdinodaythumbtheboysdinoday2

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  1. we would love to join your group so that my son will have a chance to go to the museum with other homeschooling children

    • I’m not a part of a group, honestly. There are meetups I have joined up with here and there but I barely go there. Pretty much I just go with my family or with friends (sometimes not homeschooled) to check things out.


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