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My husband has read two books by abolitionist Henry David Thoreau.  He loved reading Walden very much which was also his grandfather’s favorite book (his grandfather was a minimalist too).  Since Thoreau has pretty much become Rob’s hero, he wanted to see where his house on Walden Pond was.

We were on our way to Maine to visit our dear friends.  Rob told me on the late night before we were ready to leave that he wanted to go to find the house.  We hadn’t previously planned it and I had already told our friends what time to expect us, so I was a little annoyed at him, but accepted the plan and let them know we’d be later than planned.

We stopped in Concord, Massachusetts at the Concord Museum.  We didn’t expect to have to pay a fee for the museum, which considering how fast it was to get through it, was not really worth it.  There were things that were once inside Thoreau’s house at the museum, but it was not what we hoped. We were really bummed out and asked the information desk if there was a trail to get to the house.  She gave us a map and briefly explained to us how to get there.

We began our journey of walking in the hot sun.  It started out very nice!  I was having a great time being on a trail.  The boys were already a little hungry since it was lunch time and we hadn’t eaten first though.  I didn’t have any water with me and knew this walk would tire us out (and I dehydrate easily), but because of my excited husband, we walked on.  .  . and on. . . and on. . . until we got to Fairy Pond.

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Leto was such a grump already at this point and kept whining to us.  The pond calmed him down completely (which he stated to us, but we saw the change in his attitude).  Micah began to tell us how thirsty he was.  The map showed that we didn’t really have much more to go.  Then we got lost.  We kept going back to the pond to try to start over to find where to go.  By this time we had already been walking for over an hour.  Micah kept saying how thirsty and hungry he was.  I started to get annoyed as I had PMS that day as it was.  I love to explore and hike but I was not a happy camper.  Rob was frustrated and agreed that we walk all the way back to our car.

Rob was so upset because we were so near to getting to the house but things just didn’t work out.  I was sad for him, but we understood the circumstances and that we made a good decision.  Who knows how much longer we would have taken if we continued on our trek.

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I will write about our time in Maine in future posts, but we’re going to skip a couple days ahead.  On our way home from Maine we decided to stop once again in Concord, but this time we found out there was an actual area that takes us straight to Walden Pond.  We parked the car and pretty much right away we got to go inside a replicated house of Thoreau. We were definitely in the right spot.

We walked across a street and saw a sandy beach with people there (it was a cold day so I was surprised that people were in the water, but Rob put his hand in the pond and it was really warm).  There was a trail to go to the location of Thoreau’s house that we took.

Our trail walk lasted about 10 minutes only before we got to the place we needed to be.  There was no house, but it was marked with where it had been with information on why it no longer was there (it was removed within years of it being built, unfortunately).  I saw the grin on Rob’s face and knew that he felt satisfied.  We walked back by going on the sand around Walden Pond.  This pond was really huge.  It was beautifully clear!  We hung around for a little bit before we went back to our car to make our way back home. It was a journey well worth it even if it did take us more than a day to get there!

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  1. […] compared to the others, but we probably just did more this time (and got there later because of the Thoreau house search) it was so much fun and the boys loved it so much and it was the most peaceful time we had in a […]


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