Processed with VSCO with kk2 presetI am 5’9″ and have always loved my height.  I was always into the idea of marrying a man who was taller than me.

When I first saw Rob in high school, he wasn’t directly in front of me, but I was drawn to him.  I could tell he was short for a guy, but I didn’t realize how short at the time. It wasn’t until we started dating that I took more of a note of our height difference.  We were walking down the stairs at the end of a school day and I was wearing wedges.  I held his hand but started to move to the side feeling a little uncomfortable.  I was embarrassed by our height difference.  In sneakers it hadn’t really been a big deal to me, but once I put those wedges on, elevating my height to about 6’0″ and he was/is about 5’5″ to 5’6″.  It was just so noticeable! He grabbed me to stand closer to his side, and I realized I had to just relax and stop caring.  This was the boy I loved.  His height wasn’t worth being embarrassed by when I admired him deeply.

Sixteen and a half years after meeting Rob, and recently just celebrating 12 years of marriage, we can make jokes here and there about our heights in a fun-loving manner.  Rob sometimes asks me to reach things high up in cabinets and will add a hobbit joke to it.  Our height difference isn’t really that much, but people notice it, especially when I am in heels.  I like it now a lot.  It is fun.  We are cute!

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Rob has never minded being short.  He embraced it early on and likes it.  He loves that I am taller than him.  A lot of guys seem to have this thing about not wanting to date or marry women taller than them, but it shouldn’t matter.  He fell in love with me, not my height.  I have asked him if he minds me wearing heels, but he likes them on me regardless of how much shorter they make him seem.

Some people are not comfortable with their own height, so perhaps the fact that we both liked our heights before being together made it easier to adjust being together with the difference.

Ladies, stop having these notions that you have to be with a guy taller than you, or that he has to be six feet tall.  I have met so many ladies who say these things and it is really ridiculous.  If you make a list of all the things you want in a guy appearance-wise, you’ll end up really disappointed one day or you just won’t find the right person to fit that description ever.  We are starting to age and are changing but our love and the way we connect with one another keeps getting stronger.

[picture of our backs is when I had dreadlocks back in 2007 (taken without us knowing by Rob’s dad), other two photos were taken the day before our 12th wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago]


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  1. I agree that its ridiculous some of the notions and rules we put up for dating. Its nice to know that we can get away from these stereotypes and just do whats best for us.

  2. I never noticed the height difference, only the love & connection that could be seen between y’all.


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