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Nights in a Camper

Emilee and I pin stuff about minimalism and small home or camper photos on our pinterest accounts.  We are always commenting and liking and re-pinning one another.

When we were planning on going to Maine for another visit, Emilee let me know that her parents gave them a camper that was in the works of being redone.  She asked if we wanted to spend our nights up there in the camper.  I let Rob know and he was so excited about it, as was I.  The boys have a big interest in tiny home living, so they got really energized and jumped up and down with joy over the idea.

Now, the camper is still not completely done, but I really enjoyed it.  We didn’t really spend a lot of time in it other than to sleep in, but Rob said he could see us doing it more regularly if we had one like it.  I liked being cuddled up with Rob in it.  My only issue is that the toilet section was very cramped. Everything else was great.  I am sure we’ll be in the camper again in our next visit!  I look forward to it.  Here are some photos of it!


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