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One of my closest friends moved to Kentucky two years ago.  She used to live 10 minutes away.  These days we talk on the phone every so often (for a couple hours at a time) and keep in touch through instagram.  She called me yesterday to let me know she was going to be going to the hospital today.  I had been so concerned about her, and she texted me at 6:30AM to let me know she was going to be having her 5th baby in about an hour or so after her text (5 weeks early).

Brienne now has 5 children all under the age of six years old (the oldest is nearly 7).  She is open to talk about how she lost two children last year with miscarriages.  She gave birth this morning to a preemie 3 pound, 4 oz. baby girl.  She explained her trials on her instagram through this difficult pregnancy and how she wasn’t sure if her new daughter would have been born alive or not, but that she was hopeful.  I was amazed at her determination to get through this hard time of uncertainty. I am so thankful her daughter was born and seems to be doing okay thus far.  I am anticipating updated news as soon as she has some room to breathe and share her birthing experience with me.

In case you are curious, Brienne is the eldest of 9 children in her own family.  She has always been amazing with kids and even nannied before she started having her own children.  She really is amazing.

I had been planning on doing an 8-bit heart quilt since January.  I decided to get out all my red fabrics and white/beige/grey fabrics that I had left over from other quilts to make a scrappy heart.  I instantly thought about Brienne’s pregnancy and how I wanted to send her baby a quilt, since my heart goes out to her, and because her heart was very delicate during this pregnancy.  I sent her a note saying that no matter what happened, I hope her family would be able to use the quilt because of the love they have for one another. She loved the quilt, which made me glad.

In making this, I looked at many other people’s heart quilts to create a brainstorm for inspiration.  I configured on a piece of notebook paper that I would make this 15 squares across each row with 16 rows.  I wrote the rows down in a column and configured how to make it. I used 70 squares of red and 170 lighter squares.  Each square was cut at 5×5 inches. It was very easy and very fun!
If you want to make one yourself it looks like this:
Rows 1-3: 15 light squares
Row 4: 4 light, 2 dark, 3 light, 2 dark, 4 light
Row 5: 3 light, 4 dark, 1 light, 4 dark, 3 light
Row 6-8: 2 light, 11 dark, 2 light
Row 9: 3 light, 9 dark, 3 light
Row 10: 4 light, 7 dark, 4 light
Row 11: 5 light, 5 dark, 5 light
Row 12: 6 light, 3 dark, 6 light
Row 13: 7 light, 1 dark, 7 light
Row 14-16: 15 light squares

I used a grey and white fabric for the backing (3.5 yards) and 3/4 yards of red with white dot fabric for the binding.

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  1. What a beautiful quilt! Brienne sounds so very brave and wonderful. I can tell just through your words that she is passionate about children, and I hope that her daughter continues to do well. I love seeing all of the quilts that you post on here as well as instagram, you always have a story behind them. You are doing such a beautiful job. I hope that you continue to share with us the quilts that you make, and the stories behind them. They make me smile 🙂 I hope all is well with you and your family.


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