If you read my recent post, I listed movies from my school teen years of 1996-2002, but I was missing year 2000.  I honestly could not think of a movie from that time that had a memory attached to it at all.  It was such a hazy and crazy year for me since it was filled with so many changes. A movie hit me in between the eyes later in the day of making that post.  I said, “No!!!! I forgot to mention that one!” Well, I found one with a hefty memory, so it is better off that it has its own post.

In March of 2000, being 16 and allowed to date, but really only having an interest in one person (Rob, my husband), I was frustrated and annoyed at myself for not dating him when I liked him, and he offered.  Within a month, about two handfuls of guys started to ask me out.  It was way too much for me to comprehend, being someone who was used to rejection.  They were mainly guys who were a year or two older other than one who was a grade under.  I said “no” to them all.

Rob at this point knew I liked him and would tease me about it.  He had a girlfriend he rarely saw (it was a very strange relationship in general) and I let him know that if he did break up with her, I’d be waiting, even if it took a year. We flirted constantly (still do, hehe).

There was one guy who kept persisting to take me out.  I mentioned I had a middle school boyfriend, but we were only together in large group settings.  I had NEVER been on a date alone with another guy and I really only wanted to date someone who was willing to work towards marrying me, which is what I had told Rob he had to be willing to do if he ever broke up with his girlfriend for me.  The persistent guy went to youth group with Rob and I and did not keep it a secret about his fascination for me.  He even gave me presents, which sometimes I refused and other times he insisted I keep.

Casey Affleck, my hollywood crush at the time, was in a new movie coming out called Drowning Mona.  I was talking on AIM with the guy who liked me about how I wanted to see the film.  He said, “I’ll take you to see it.” I was so hesitant about it.  He said, “Be my girlfriend first.  Then let’s go see the movie.” In a reflex decision I accepted, but mainly because I wanted to see Casey Affleck and was easily swayed by a free movie ticket and popcorn (dumb girl).   I will say that his sweet talk and attention did charm me.  My “love language” involves affection and sweet words….so I caved and found him charming at that moment.

I told Rob that I was now this other dude’s girlfriend.  He did not get it at all (neither did I) and was peeved with me.

Panic set in fast.  On the second day of my relationship with this guy I was so uncomfortable.  I was glad that I didn’t see him other than at youth group, so it helped me feel relaxed.  We were set to go on our date.  I quickly told my friend to help me!  I wanted out of this date and relationship and didn’t know how to tell this guy at all.  I felt it was so rash and that I made a huge mistake because I did not have those types of feelings for him at all, and he knew it too.  I feel like I was doing something against my better judgement.  My friend calmed me down and said she’d go to the movie with me and him.  She was my helpful third wheel.

My mom dropped me and my friend off at the movie theater.  When the guy walked into the theater and saw me with my best friend at the time (pictured below), whom he had also known, he was so disappointed.  I pulled a fast trick on him to bring a friend to our date.

The movie honestly was not that great, but I enjoyed seeing Casey Affleck, so it made it okay.  It was a very odd film though.  It definitely would have made me feel way more uncomfortable watching it alone with a guy.  There were barely people in that theater that day too.  It was a flop.

The next day was youth group where I broke up with the guy apologetically.  I felt really badly about the whole situation and guilty as can be.  I don’t remember if Rob was at youth group that night, but the following day at school he completely ignored me.  He was so mean to me that day and in a way I thought I deserved that cold shoulder.  When Rob is upset he has a cool-off period he needs to gather his thoughts while I am the type who likes to work things out on the spot.

When I confronted Rob on his attitude towards me, it was because he felt like I only went out with the guy to get him jealous.  He thought it ridiculous.  I wasn’t trying to get him jealous and was trying to explain that to him, but he didn’t believe me.  Regardless of it all, I used this guy.  I was terrible for doing it.

The situation I think started to bring Rob and I closer together.  We were beginning to become attached at the hip.  Rob was the first guy I went on a date alone with seven months later, so it worked out for the best.  🙂

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