Colorfulrainbowquilt (3)

I decided to make a colorful quilt using bright rainbow colors from left over fabric I had.  Each square ended up being about 2″ after all the seams were sewn and when I realized that my quilt wouldn’t be large enough, I actually had to buy about 7-10 fat quarter bits to cut up and add to it before finishing the top.

Then I bought some fabric for the borders, backing, and binding – which actually was originally on the edge of being green, yellow, and blue, but I switched out the green for the red in the end and think it looked great that way.  This quilt was pretty much a “Let’s see how many scraps we can fit to get it large enough for a queen sized quilt” idea.  I did run out of my leftover white fabric too because of how many colors I kept adding.  I did the blocks using the strip quilting method. My yellow border was actually 4″ larger all around and I trimmed it down because it was too big before I put the binding on it.   It was 80×96″ and took 30 hours to create total. Not my largest quilt, but definitely up there.

It turned out to be a great colorful quilt that my long time online friend & penpal Allison bought it from me  (known her since about 2003/2004 or so now).  She says her family loves it! I am so glad!

Colorfulrainbowquilt (4)Colorfulrainbowquilt (1)Colorfulrainbowquilt (5)Colorfulrainbowquilt (6)

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