cameraI started to get into photography in December, 2001.  I had a manual film camera (Vivtar 35mm) that I loved using.  When the only photography film developing place (that I trusted and loved so highly) closed down in 2004, I went digital permanently, even though I had already been using a digital camera for about a year at that point.

The Digital Cameras I Owned/Co-owned
1. Fujifilm Finepix (can’t recall the make), 2003-2007
2. Pentax K-100D, 2007-2013
3. Pentax K-X, 2010-2016

I have been paid to photograph people for over a decade (since 2005).  My last paid photo session was in March, though I had been asked to do another one last month that I wasn’t able to do.  This week I was asked to do another one, that I sadly had to decline.  My camera is dead for good, which was my husband’s camera that I had been using.  We won’t be able to have a replacement until next year, most likely.


If you are a photographer who prefers a real camera and are going around trying to use your phone to take all your photos, it just isn’t the same.  I like it, but to not be able to focus in and out freely has been hard for me.  I like using manual/digital SLR cameras!

I feel like I can’t say I am a photographer at all until I get another camera.   The camera started to die hardcore in December when I was trying to take a photo of Micah blowing out his birthday cake candles.  It was a beautiful shot.  I had it all ready. . .and the shutter just wouldn’t take.  I had to keep turning the camera on and off in between taking pictures that day.  The same sort of thing happened at my last photoshoot but I thankfully was able to take a load of pictures!!  Since then, it would choose days to work.  The same thing happened to my last camera.

I am certainly one who likes to put things into good use until it dies. . .and so thus is what I have done.

It was a good run, and now I just have to be patient and wait until I can go wild taking photos with a REAL camera again.  Until then, my phone will be out often to take pictures, though definitely not as effective as having a REAL one strapped on my shoulder.  Goodbye camera.

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