I post #Olympicjunkie tweets all over my twitter account.  I’ve been watching the Olympics since I was able to and when it is not an Olympic year, I still watch old clips of people in various sports from various countries!  I thought, “I have seen so many Olympic films now, I should do a post of my favorites!” I’ve been telling my husband my plans for this post since a few weeks ago and hadn’t had time to do it.  Here it is! I’ll post it in random order. I have pictures from the films and then pictures of the actual athletes for each movie!

Nadia; 1984
This is about the hardships that Nadia Comaneci faced in being a Romanian Olympian Artistic Gymnastics champion in 1976.  Watch the whole movie here since it is out of print now.  I did get to see it on DVD on Netflix recently (which shocked me. . .because you can’t find this DVD at all), but originally saw it on TV long ago in the late 1980s.  It is definitely dated but a really good movie regardless!  No one compares to Nadia Comaneci, in my opinion!

Chariots of Fire; 1981
My mom made me see this as a child to instill godliness into my life, but the truth was: I didn’t understand the film at all then. We recently saw this with our sons (we talked to them about it afterwards so they could get it).  It is about the Olympian Eric Liddell mainly.  He put God before racing and held true to the Sabbath big time.  Eventually he became a missionary, but this doesn’t cover that.  It also is about Harold Abrahams, a Jewish Olympian who ran to fight anti-semitism. This is set in 1924.  This is Rob’s dad’s favorite movie ever I think, too. . .so he had to watch it more than I did (but loves it).


One Day in September; 1999
This is a documentary about the detaining of Jewish Weightlifting Olympians within the Olympic village during the Munich, Germany Games back in 1972 by a group of Muslim extremists from Palestine called “Black September”.  It was seriously crazy to see because there was so much footage from the actual event in it.  There is a Spielberg film about the event I have yet to see called Munich, if you’d rather see that, but I am a lover of documentaries as it is, and this was so good.  It has some graphic bloody dead people pictured, to warn you (I had to turn my head because those images stick with me and make me cry a lot).


Race; 2016
Jesse Owens was the man when it came to running in the 1930s.  He also was black, which caused for a lot of commotion in regards to his time in college and becoming an Olympian, especially when going to Berlin in 1936.  This is about the racism in Germany and in the US while Jesse Owens’ story is told as well.  This was such a good movie! Truly recommend seeing it!

Cool Runnings; 1993
When this came out in theaters I missed it, but was so excited about seeing it.  It is about the first Jamaican bobsled team during the 1988 Winter Olympics!  It is so funny.  I haven’t seen this film in so many years and want to see it again soon.  Anyway, considering there is no snow in Jamaica, that is why this was so strange when this team came out! It’s great!
Be sure that you know that MOST of this story is made up, but the team really did exist and they were one of the biggest stories during the Olympics.


The Real Jamaican Team in 1988

Miracle; 2004
If you are unaware of the 1980 Winter Olympics Hockey game being a HUGE deal because it was during the “Cold War” and Soviet Union went up against the USA, then see this to learn.  This story is so lovely and tear jerking.

Eddie the Eagle; 2016
This is so good! Michael “Eddie” Edwards dreamed of becoming an Olympian since he was a child, but could never really find his niche.  He finally started skiing. When he was rejected from the British Olympic team, he went on to try ski jumping, which was not something Great Britain had participated in for decades!  With no training, he just started going for it.  This shows his determination and lack of fear.  This is about a guy who cares little for medals, and just wants to accomplish his goal. Truly great!


The Real Eddie the Eagle

The Gabby Douglas Story; 2014
Gabby Douglas won the all-around Artistic Gymnastics gold for the US in 2012 and recently gold with her team in this current Olympics.  This movie is the story of what her mom endured for her daughter’s dream and the hardships that Gabby faced in the process of becoming an Olympian.  Obviously she has a lot of life left to live, but this is a really good movie.

Running Brave; 1983
Except for the fact that I can’t stand a fully white man playing a Native American/half White man in this film, the story is really good and it is a great movie.  It is about Billy Mills and how he won the first Olympic gold for the US in the 10,000-meter run back in 1964 in Tokyo, Japan. (I couldn’t find color movie pics, but it is shown in color)


The Real Billy Mills

Prefontaine; 1997
This is a great film about Steve Prefontaine, who’s life was cut short before he was able to make it to his second Olympics as a runner for the three mile race, and only a year after his first Olympics in Munich.  It shows the determination that he had, the records he set, and the insane amount of pride he had.  It is well done, but sad too.


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