We’ve been up to so many things this summer. One thing that drives me crazy is that people assume that once school begins, summer is over. Summer ends in the end of September, and that is how I want to keep it! Although I will be homeschooling and such, I want to continue to do summery things while I can!

I did make a few summer goals, but I will say I haven’t kept up with all of them completely well. Throughout the rest of August and September, I will definitely complete them (I am determined). My goals were the following: Watch the Olympics – a lot(done), Get the boys off of training wheels (planned to continue), Start a prayer journal (slacking hardcore), finish some quilts (doing really well on that one), and read some books (eh, could do better, but I have finished a few).

Here’s some photos from what’s been going on as of late.

This was the beginning of me doing a new summer goal that I hope to continue for a long time.  We made plans a few months ago to do a 5k walk for a youth center near where Rob’s family lives in NY.  Our family of four, my sister-in-law, and mother-in-law all did the walk.  Rob and I had been walking nearly every day the week prior, which really helped.  However, the walk was really rough on the boys.  It was a very hot morning (reaching 95F/35C that day).  The humidity was bad too.  The boys were lagging behind and my sister-in-law and I are speed walkers.  Leto decided he could walk fast too, so we took him with us, leaving the other three behind, but soon he got so worn out we had to wait for them to catch up before speed walking to our finish.  Soon Leto and Rob walked together.  Micah and my mother-in-law came in last place for the entire race but then again, apparently Micah kept doing exploration things instead that my Mother-in-law allowed him to do.  They came in about 45 minutes after I did!  I was so nasty with sweat, friends.  my sons and I are major sweaters.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We also went to a Dinosaur exploration park after we had our walk (which really wore me out).  They have interactive activities including some lifelike looking dinosaurs that move about and make noise or people walking in the dinosaurs or using puppets.  It was so very geared towards kids.  The boys had some fun, so that is what matters.  It was very hot (the boys are blocking the sun out of their eyes in the pictures haha).  Why do we do these things on such hot days??
Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

There is a popular county fair about an hour away that we go to here and there.  It had been several years since our last visit there.  Here’s a post from the last time we went there back when Micah was still in a stroller.  The boys really enjoyed the robotics as well as the roaming robot that talked to them.  It was also the first time I had Leto go on a ride alone and he was a little scared, but adjusted.  Micah went on his first ride ever (with Rob) as well.  This place is so expensive, so they only went on one ride each, but other than that we had fun.  I got to see the equestrian stuff that I love, Rob got to have free refills on lemonade and such, we had milkshakes, some good tasting food, and got all sweaty in the hot sun once again (seriously we choose the worst days to go to these things).  I always love seeing all the farm animals too.  Every time we go, I want more goats and rabbits and animals that I can’t have since we don’t own a home!
the robotthefair1thefair4

Leto hadn’t been to the barber shop for a haircut since he was 3.  I constantly cut it myself but it has been stressful for me because he moves so often.  Micah has never had a barber shop experience.  I felt it was time.  I told my mom my plan, and she said, “I’ll go with you and pay for it!”  She is always commenting on how they need haircuts, so it was as if I said the magic word to make her smile.  They did really well.

Other than that we continue with making our home minimalist and simplistic, we are out to have a good time while being at ease, I recently hung out at an (ethical company) Lula Roe party that my friend had at her home, and we’ve just been so busy!

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