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Triangular Folk Quilt

It is appropriate to make a post today with a quilt since I have officially been quilting for two years!!   I am behind in posting my quilts (and everything else).  I am glad this is the one I get to post about today though!

I have this quilt for sale on etsy and really am surprised it hasn’t been sold yet, because I really love it, but I also don’t intend to keep every quilt I have made, which I kept the one I made before this one as it is.  I sold two that I made after this one (yet to be posted) and just finished one last night too.

I got this pattern also from the Liberty Love book, but I added on some extra triangles because I wanted it to be larger than what they had the pattern set for.

BUY THIS QUILT!!  It is a throw quilt (check the listing for specific details).






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