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Rob and Leto on the couch we bought to replace a bulky hand-me-down we had for a few years. This one can also become a bed in case we have an overnight guest.

When you are a minimalist, you start to find more and more that you don’t need at all.  Last year we had two porch-filled Salvation Army pick-ups, went every week for several months to drop off items at Goodwill that filled my jeep, and gave people things we weren’t using anymore that we knew would be used by them.

The question now is, “Now what are you doing to maintain your #roadtominimalism?”

We’re still getting rid of things.
The road continues!  We live on the second floor of a small two bedroom duplex/two-family home.  We have an attic corner filled with more things to transfer out (should only be one drive to Goodwill though).

Now that September is here I am getting back into cleaning-out-to-sweat-it-up mode.

I went to the jeweler and sold the gold we owned earlier this summer that was just sitting around unused.  I am ready to take things to get hocked at a pawn shop near where we live.

I had the boys go through their picture books and decide which ones they don’t think they’ll be reading again.  They shocked me when they got rid of more than half including their favorites.  I sold some on amazon, transferred some on paperbackswap, and kept just a small few to donate (the thin ones; some read once).

I am going through my left over stash of fabric to make a bunch of scrappy quilts to sell.

Rob went through all the CDs we had.  We have just a very few to play in our cars, the rest are gone (we had probably a thousand CDs total at one point, a few years ago I sold some on amazon and gave others away).

I was trying to find a way for us to get rid of the large dresser we have. Rob and I each keep our clothes in one drawer. I want to do the same for the boys’ dresser (because they too only each need a drawer and don’t use all the drawers in their dresser).

I told Rob that I didn’t need one of the wall shelves in our living room any longer and that I couldn’t wait to take it off when we repaint the room (we have a contract to do so every three years and haven’t in over four). It’s off before repainting! That felt good!

We became a composting family in the spring and have noticed a decrease in what we leave out on the curb. We even were able to push our church into doing it after one head person had been wanting to for years but didn’t know how to start (so I helped push her dream to completion).

I am trying to sell the ukulele I own, as I have not played it in probably a year.

Rob is thinking of selling his guitar(s).

I am always itching to clean out my closet until there is practically nothing left in it.  Really it has homeschooling materials in it, and not much else.

I was trying to talk Rob into not owning DVDs at all anymore (we keep them in travel storage cases – which we have three of. . far too many).  If anything I’ll be scaling that down to one case.

I finally have almost all my vintage clothes sold off on etsy.

We have nearly finished paying off Rob’s school loan which will take away those bills!

There may be more I haven’t listed, but the point is, we’re not done yet.  I really like not having much.  I don’t like clutter at all.  I cringe when I see clutter.  I can’t believe I used to be such a “stuff collector.”


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  1. It’s really neat that you’re doing this! I hate having so much stuff around, but living with other people who enjoy hoarding makes it hard.

  2. I am so impressed with you and your family! You have accomplished so much more than most families. We are starting a compost; we had one at our old house, and I miss it. I hate seeing all of that organic matter in the trash going to waste. I would love to get closer to zero-waste, but it’s fairly daunting. Have you looked into it?

    Also, I think my husband would disown me if I suggested he sell his guitars! I’m amazed your musician husband is willing!

    You have so many awesome posts on your site that I’m excited to dig into. I’m supposed to be grading right now, but enjoying the short break. 🙂

    • I think for me it is easier to get rid of whatever because I started a minimalist mindset ten years ago but my husband wasn’t on board, so I was patient. Two and a half years ago it hit him in the face that he really did not use a lot of what he owned, so that’s when we began our Road to minimalism together and as a family. The boys find it exciting. hehe.
      It would be amazing to get to zero waste here too, but I have had the recycling pick-up guys leave a load of plastic things and found out they don’t like taking plastic bags and other things. . . which saddens me. I don’t know if I could become a zero-waste person, but I definitely would strive to have as little waste as possible! Have you heard of the town in Japan that is completely zero-waste?? It is so interesting!

      I never suggested my husband get rid of his guitars/bass. That was his own decision. I was actually sad about it! Really sad. I’ve only ever known him to play music. He pointed out that three of his instruments haven’t been touched in a year. I think he is keeping one bass, but maybe not because he is trying to sell his amplifier!

      Thanks for looking around my site!!


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