I really never thought I’d be the type of person who would want to sit and listen to people talking on and on about things, but here I am doing just that.  I am still pretty new to podcasts.  Please let me know some of your favorites so I can try giving them a listening to as well! 

1.  Shalom in the Cityshalominthecity
I have been following Osheta Moore’s blog and social media for a few years and decided to listen to her podcast while I was quilting or doing dishes.  I have listened to every single episode and was ecstatic when she sent me a PM on Twitter to interview me for her 21st podcast (recorded in May, but released last week)!  Be sure you listen to that episode!  Besides that, Osheta is an Anabaptist, as I am.  I don’t really know many Anabaptists outside of the little bit of us that are at our church here in NJ, so I really wanted to listen to her podcast due to knowing and understanding her heart.  She is the only Christian podcaster I listen to.  Since this was the first podcast I chose to hear on my own, I definitely say this is my favorite one (and the one I anticipate most).  She has a guest on each week that she discusses justice issues with.  It is really encouraging and beautiful.


2. Cohesive Home Podcast
cohesivehomeMelissa and Kate are best friends who used to live next to one another but now live in separate states.  They are both minimalist wives and moms.  This is a relatively new podcast and I started to listen to them when they released their third episode.  Their podcast is a bit shorter than the rest of the ones I listen to, so it is great for when I am doing dishes and cooking.  They give insights on various forms of de-cluttering, dealing with parenting as a minimalist, and more.  I have been happy that I have connected with them through their Instagram too.  They are really sweet. Check out their website too.

3. Tara and Johnny
taraandjohnnyThese two (Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir) are hilarious with each other.  They are both figure skating Olympians (as I am an Olympic junkie).  They are sports commentators as well as best friends.  When I need a good laugh, I put this podcast on.  They make me know that it is okay to be silly once in a while when I feel like I’ve been too serious.

4. The Minimalists
theminimalistsOkay, I needed male perspectives on minimalism too.  As you can tell, I am very into minimalism, thought don’t really feel like I am all the way there yet.  I listen to this for further encouragement.  Ryan & Josh are long time best friends who both had major issues in their lives that caused them to become minimalists.  I had watched one of their TED talks a year ago and decided to look up their podcast to listen to.  They do use some bad language in some of their episodes, but they tend to give a warning before an episode that may have such language (they don’t use such language every episode otherwise, which I appreciate a lot).



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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning the Cohesive Home podcast! We are so glad to have connected with you on Instagram, and now I can’t wait to listen to your podcast interview with Osheta Moore. 🙂

  2. […] Be Mary Poppins about it. “The job’s a game!” Put on some music or listen to a podcast while you do your decluttering.  You can even sing and dance while decluttering your home.  […]


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