This is not your typical wishlist.
I have followed enough blogs in the past 17 years to know that people show their shopping wishlists.  I am doing a wishlist based on experiences.  My 33rd birthday is coming up on November 3rd.  I wanted to plan what to do for my special day or week.
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1. I want to take a bath.
I am a bath loving girl but I haven’t had an actual bath in. . .I don’t know.  We have only a stand-in-shower where we’ve been living for eight years.  Therefore, I need to find a way to set aside a time where I can go to my parents’ house during the day and take a bath!  I miss soaking in a tub, especially with a Lush bath bomb (those are so delightful)!

2. Go on a field trip.
I am thinking of perhaps the Seeing Eye Dog tour in NJ or going to the Lakota Wolf reservation.  I want to do this during my birthday week in general, but if I end up doing it that day, that would be cool too.  I am not fond of driving in unfamiliar areas, is all, and like doing things with Rob included when he isn’t working.  We’ll see.  It is tough to find places worth going to in autumn, so we’ll see what we figure out.

3. Go out for Korean food.
I usually go out for Japanese on my birthday.  It is pretty much my default choice.  It has been a while since getting Korean food though too so I want to go with my family and have some!  I need spicy food and tofu!

4. Go camping.
I know it may be too cold for us to find a way to go camping, but I really would love to do something for the weekend after my bday (my bday is a Thursday) or at least one night where I spend it in a tent!  We have a tent, but who knows if it will be snowing that day (I have had snowy birthdays a few times).  I don’t know if we would have funds to do it either, but really, a lodge or something to do that weekend as a family like hiking and having a camp fire and being outside in nature would be glorious!
Edit 3 days after drafting this: Rob was all for this idea as we are going for a day for a long drive for our church (he’s an elder, and has to go to represent our church at larger conference meetings and such and takes us with him).  I searched for camping grounds near where we were going. All camping grounds within 10 minutes to an hour away are closed on the last day of October and won’t be opening until March.  I was so bummed out!

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  1. Love your list! And something crazy: our birthdays are 3 days apart. Mine is on November 6th, and I’m turning 32. Sorry to hear about the camping, but hope you are able to do everything else on your list!

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